My First Love

Hi. I'm Jelani Grey! I am like every other girl, except for one thing. I am Louis cousin from Doncaster. I am very close to Louis. I have never had a boyfriend. When I meet One Direction for the first time, my world changes. Read the story to find out why. [This is my first one so don't hate please]


2. The Band and Girlfriends

When she opened the door, she looked so beautiful. Her light brown hair shined in the sunlight. Her sparkling blue eyes were just perfect. I played it cool so that she didn't think I was drooling over her. She was so pretty!

Jelani was so beautiful. I looked at Niall and it looked like he loved her so I backed off so he could have a girlfriend. I was with Perrie anyways. She was pretty though. Why didn't Louis ever tell us about her? Oh well. We know her know right?

Jelani looked so beautiful! It was unexplainable. I wondered if she had a boyfriend. Of course she does! Why am I asking? I am with Danielle but I do have to say she was amazingly beautiful. I looked at Niall and he loved her. I could tell.

Wow! She was amazing! I saw that Niall loved her so I backed off. I always get the girl so I guess I will give him a chance. Anyways, I bet she had friends. I just kept smiling and went on. Her eyes were so blue. They were sparkling in the sunlight.

They were all so nice. I looked at Niall and he was staring at me. I have to admit he is pretty cute. I don't know if he likes me back. I have never had a boyfriend in my life. I am twenty and that makes me feel like a loser. Oh well, god is waiting to give me someone special. Was I falling for Niall though? Was it because he is famous? I don't know. I just kept going with the flow. I was wondering if Louis was still with Eleanor. I loved her! I loved her like a sister! She was so pretty and fun to hang out with. I haven't met Danielle or Perrie yet. I don't know if I will.
"Are you still with Eleanor?" I ask.
"Of course!" He responds with a smile.
I giggled. It was nice because they are so cute together! I just kept smiling because he was here! Louis, Liam, and Zayn started talking about their girlfriends and how wonderful they are. I put a small smile on. I have never had that feeling. I faked a smile so they wouldn't ask what is wrong. I hear knock at the door. I answered and it was Eleanor! I guess Louis invited her. I hugged her because I haven't seen her in a long time. She brought Danielle and Perrie.

When Louis asked me to come see her, I immediately got ready. I asked Danielle and Perrie if they wanted to join. I was so excited to see her. It felt like ages! When she opened that door, I immediately hugged her. She hugged back. It was a good feeling.
"Jelani, this is Danielle and Perrie." I introduced.
"Ello! Come in!" She responds.
We all walk in and sat on the couch. I was smiling a mile a minute.

Eleanor woke me up. She asked if I wanted to go see Jelani. I said yes because I didn't have anything to do. I hurried and got ready. I was tired but drank some redbull to keep me awake. I was standing behind Eleanor with Perrie when Jelani answered. Jelani was pretty. She looked like Louis but different eye color. Her eyes were as blue as the sky. They were beautiful! I smiled as Eleanor introduced me. I walked in and sat next to Liam.

I was already awake walking mine and Zayn's dog. I get my phone vibrate in my pocket. I got it out and it was Eleanor. She was calling me.
"Ello?" I answered.
"Ello Perrie! Would you like to come with me and Dani to go see Jelani?" Eleanor asks.
"Who is Jelani?" I ask.
"She is Louis cousin. Sorry I forgot you didn't know." She answers.
"It's okay and yeah sure why not?" I respond.
"Okay see you in 15!" She hangs up.
I walk the dog back and grab my purse. When we got to Jelani's flat. It looked nice on the outside. When Jelani opened the door, I was speechless. She was so gorgeous! Her eyes sparkled and were as blue as the ocean. I smiled when Eleanor introduced me. Eleanor was so excited. I sat next to Zayn when we walked in.

When Eleanor introduced me to Danielle and Perrie, all I could do was smile. It was nice meeting finally! They were gorgeous! Zayn and Liam were lucky to have them! I closed the door when they walked in. I was so happy!
"So what have you been doing lately?" Eleanor asked.
"Honestly nothing. Just been sitting here with my mum." I respond.
"Really? Where are your friends or boyfriend?" Eleanor asks.
"All of my friends are traveling and I don't have a boyfriend. I never had one." I respond.
"That sucks! never had a boyfriend ?" Danielle asks.
"No. I have never been asked before.." I blush.
I look at the boys. They were all in shock but Louis because he knew already. I blushed and looked down. I felt like a loser knowing I am twenty and ever had a boyfriend. I wondered if they thought I was a loser too. We just kinda sat there until Louis broke the silence.
"Anyways, how is your mum?" Louis asks.
"She is doing alright." I respond.

When I heard she didn't have a boyfriend I smiled big. Then she said that she never had a boyfriend! I sat there shocked. She was so gorgeous! I started thinking. I could have her and show her that I love her. I stared into her sparkling blue eyes. They were gorgeous!

She doesn't have a boyfriend? That answered my question. She never had a boyfriend? Now that I couldn't believe until I looked at Louis. He didn't have a smile but not a frown either. Then I believed it because he knew Jelani for his whole life! I have a girlfriend so why should I ask if she had a boyfriend? I just sat there shocked like everyone else.

She didn't have a boyfriend? That is great! Now I can have....oh wait....I said I would back off for Niall. I smiled until she said she never had one. I sat there shocked. She was so gorgeous that u couldn't believe it! Who couldn't love those eyes? That gorgeous face? That beautiful personality?

I looked at Perrie when she said she never had a boyfriend. I was shocked like everyone else. I thought she would have one with those sparkling blue eyes and gorgeous hair. She was like Louis with her amazing personality. She was kinda shy at first because she doesn't know anyone but Louis and Eleanor.

I wasn't that shocked like everyone else. I mean, I was with her everyday of her life. Well, except when I'm in tour with the boys. It is quite sad. She never got asked to prom. She never went to the dances because her friends had dates but her. Sometimes she would cry at night because she thought she wasn't good enough. When she did that, her mum would call me to come over. I would sit on her bed with her and talk to her. It was dead silent so I asked her about her mum. Everyone went back to normal. It was about noon.
"Is anyone hungry?" Niall asks.
Everyone sad yes holding their stomaches and moaning.
"How about Nando's?" Eleanor asks.
"I love Nando's!" Jelani exclaims.
I knew that she loves Nando's. She probably loves it as much as Niall loves Nandos! We all agreed and left. Jelani got the usual. She hasn't changed a bit! It was great! We all sat and ate. Jelani seemed so happy! It was good to see her happy and not sad! I hated to see her sad. It made me sad.

We all went to Nando's! It was my favorite. I was guessing it was Niall's too. We all ate and had a few laughs. When we finished we got back. My mom was greeting us at the door. She thought we got kidnapped or something. I was thinking how could one person kidnap us nine teens? Oh well. That's my mom for you.
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