My First Love

Hi. I'm Jelani Grey! I am like every other girl, except for one thing. I am Louis cousin from Doncaster. I am very close to Louis. I have never had a boyfriend. When I meet One Direction for the first time, my world changes. Read the story to find out why. [This is my first one so don't hate please]


5. New friend?

"Good morning sunshine!" She laughs.
I woke up from the smell of food. She was gorgeous. I remembered about her getting burned last night. I had a massive headache from last night also. She already had pills and water ready for me. I guess it was obvious. I took some and smiled.
"Ello darlin'!" I reply.
"How did you sleep?" She asks so soft.
"Good until this morning!" I laugh.
"Haha!" She laughs.
"How is your foot?" I ask.
"Eh it could be worse." She replies.
I heard footsteps and Louis came in with Liam. Louis looked at her foot. He knew that she gets burned with sparklers. I guess he thought I kept it instead of her.

I finished making the waffles and bacon. Everyone was awake except El. I gave them all water and pills. I walked to my room to wake El up. I shook her until she woke up. I gave her pills and water before she could react. Last night was fun. Good thing there were extras because there was a knock at the door. It was Danielle and Perrie. They came in and ate. I guess I forgot I gave the boys sweats to use. I looked at all the boys and they were wearing my Victoria Secret sweats. I was too tired to say anything. Danielle and Perrie were laughing. I guess the boys forgot too because they freaked out. It was funny. We all ate.
"What are we-" I asked. My phone rang.
-Call From: Hailey<3-
I walk to my room.
"Ello!" I answer.
"You didn't tell me One Direction were here?!" She freaked.
"I thought you were at dance camp?" I respond.
"Yes but I snuck out so I got kicked out." She replies.
"Um let me ask if you can join us. Text u in a minute" I reply hanging up.
I walked out and went into the kitchen.
"Hey is it alright if Hailey joins us Lou? I promise to keep her controlled!" I begged.
"Sure why not?" He replies.
-Text From:Hailey<3-
"So can I?" She texts
"Yeah coming to pick you up now. Be there in 10" I text back.
I put my phone away and clean my dishes. Everyone else was eating.
"Mkay I'm going to pick her up. Don't mess up the house. Lou what color do you want your room?" I ask.
"Uh red please!" He shouts.
I get my keys and headed out. I picked her up. I had to stop at Home Depot and Ikea. I was getting red paint and furniture for his room. Hailey was squealing in her seat.
"Okay I promised Louis that I would keep you in control!" I looked at her.
"Okay okay!" She replies.
We get the red paint. We go to Ikea and get him a king size bed with a desk and couch. We also stopped by a store to get him clothes and toms. We finally get to the flat. I dropped everything when we walked in. There were food on the ground and the floor was wet. Everyone was outside. We put the stuff in Louis room. We also got into our swimming suits. We walked out and they looked nervous.
"Why is the floor wet? Why is there food everywhere?" I asked.
"We don't know!" They all respond.
I introduce Hailey to everyone. Louis knew her because she has been my friend since kindergarten. Hailey had dark brown hair and sparkling brown eyes.
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