My First Love

Hi. I'm Jelani Grey! I am like every other girl, except for one thing. I am Louis cousin from Doncaster. I am very close to Louis. I have never had a boyfriend. When I meet One Direction for the first time, my world changes. Read the story to find out why. [This is my first one so don't hate please]


4. Girls Night Out

I woke up hearing my phone buzzing.
-Call from: Harry-
"What do you want peasant?" I answer.
"Well, good morning to you too!" He replies.
"Why so early Harry?" I ask.
"Come down to the park with us! Drop Jelani at the mall on your way. Eleanor wanted me to tell you." He replies.
"Fine! See you soon!" I hung up the phone.
I change into my clothes from yesterday. I walk to Jelani's room until I heard singing. I followed the singing and ended at the bathroom door. She was in the shower singing. I pull out my phone and start recording. The boys needed to hear her sooner or later. I chose sooner. I hear the water turn off and I shut off the recording. I run to the couch. About 20 minutes after she came out. She was wearing dark denim shorts with a ruffle, pink and yellow floral top. She had her hair straightened and one side was pinned. I walk to the bathroom to brush my hair and teeth. I walked out there smiling.

I saw him smiling as I was putting on my black vans. I got suspicious because he doesn't usually smile like that unless he did something I didn't like.
"What did you do?" I ask.
"I used your toothbrush!" He laughs.
"EW! Why couldn't you use my mums or an extra one?" I ask angrily.
"Because I knew you wouldn't like it!" Lou smiles.
I brush it off because I don't want to have an argument. I grab my phone and money. We headed out the door. He drives to the mall. He told me about Eleanor. I hop out of the car and walk to Eleanor who was standing by the entrance doors.

When I saw her come out of Lou's car, I got really excited inside. We haven't hung out like this in years! This was a good feeling especially since its just me and her! I remember going to clubs when we were 18. We would get drunk. Sometimes I would wonder if she had some Irish in her because sometimes she would drink a lot. Kinda like Niall now that I have gotten to know him better since I've been with Lou! We decided to get food before we went shopping. When we were done we walked to Aeropostale.
"So now that you have seen these boys, who do you think is the cutest!" I ask her.
"Um. I think Niall or Liam. Liam has a girlfriend, Danielle right?" She replies.
"Yeah. That's cool though. You should ask him out!" I exclaim.
"No. I don't think he likes me that way." She smiles then frowns.
"Oh he does Hun. He does!" I laugh.
"Really?" She blushes.
We get back to shopping. I wondered what the boys were doing. Jelani reminded me of all the boys. Zayn because she is always looking in the mirror and drawing. Lou because she is his cousin and her personality. Liam because she is adorable and a good listener. Harry because she has an adorable smile and an amazing cook. Last but not least, Niall because she is a big drinker and her sparkling blue eyes. Okay and maybe her laugh. She also reminds me of the girls too. Perrie because she is an amazing singer. Danielle because she is gorgeous. My thoughts got interrupted when her phone rang.

My phone was ringing.
-Call From: Lou(;-
I answer it.
"Hey Lou. What's up?" I answer.
"Liam beat me a football! Yell at him!" Lou shouted in the phone.
"Louis. Man up! I have to go. I'm with El!" I reply hanging up.
Hanging out with El was amazing. She is one of the sweetest people ever! She didn't care what I was wearing. She was one of those friends who would leave your side no matter what! I loved her! We got back to shopping. I told El how Louis was mad at Liam! We got done after a while of shopping. El took me home and I got another call right as we got back.
-Call From: Dad-
I ignored it. El looked at me like "why"? I told her and she understood. Not too long after that, the boys walked in. It was around dinner time. Niall was hungry. Lou and El knew I could cook so they asked if I wanted to. I agreed and asked what they wanted. They all wanted hamburgers. I pulled out hamburgers and went outside to make them. As they were cooking outside I asked El to get the sparklers in my room. They all came outside and used the sparklers. I didn't join because I would always get burned. I had scars in between my toes and fingers. I finished and fixed their burgers. I ran into the kitchen and brought out beers. We all dug in. They all complimented me on my food. They got back to the sparklers. I just sat back. Niall asked me to use one. I refused then he told me to stand by him. I did then he put a sparkler in my hand. He held on it with me and helped me. It seemed stupid to get help with a sparkler but oh well. I looked at El and she smiled.
"How are you love birds?" Louis popped up behind us scaring us and made it drop and it fell in between my toes.
"OW!" I scream.
"I'm sorry Lani!" Lou apologized.
I went inside and put my foot in the tub with cold water. It hurt but I treated it. It was about 10pm and everyone was pretty much drunk. Li and Niall shared the sofa bed. Lou and Harry shared Lou's bed. El shared with me. I woke up in the morning and made waffles and bacon. Next thing you know, Niall was right there.
"Good Mornig Sunshine!" I laugh.

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