My First Love

Hi. I'm Jelani Grey! I am like every other girl, except for one thing. I am Louis cousin from Doncaster. I am very close to Louis. I have never had a boyfriend. When I meet One Direction for the first time, my world changes. Read the story to find out why. [This is my first one so don't hate please]


6. Designing Rooms and Birthday Parties.

I remembered it was Jelani's birthday tomorrow. Eleanor already got her something because she sneaked it when they went shopping. El was pretty sneaky. I wanted to throw her a 21st birthday. I already thought about it. Harry can cook. Danielle,Perrie and El would get the cake. Me and Niall would decorate. Liam could keep her busy until the party. Hailey could go with Liam and Jelani. This party was going to be fun! I had to have Hailey and Jelani start on my room so I could tell everyone about the party.
"Hailey, can you and Jelani start on my room? I will be there in a bit!" I yell.
"Um yeah sure!" Hailey replies taking Jelani.

The boys were funny and sweet. I got confused when Louis wanted me to get Jelani. I agreed anyways. He was probably going to throw a surprise party for Jelani. He knew she hated surprises. The girls were sweet. Everyone was nice. I got Jelani and we walked to shower and change into sweats and a tee. We got done and waited for Louis. Then he finally came in. He kicked us out to get dressed, so we did. He let us in when he was done. We started painting the walls red. Louis came to Jelani and wiped paint all over her face. It was funny.

"Ah! LOUIS!" I yelled.
I probably screamed loud enough because everyone came in and asked what happened.
"What happ- sorry I can't do that with a straight face!" Liam laughs.
I gave him a glare. Everyone was laughing at me. I was embarrassed. I guess they wouldn't see me blush. They all went to back what they were doing. I was pretending to be mad at Louis. He always falls for it. When I get angry I will argue or I will be silent until that person hugged me. The second one is if it wasn't that big of a deal. If someone really got me angry, well lets just say it wouldn't be pretty. I used to get bullied so I should be used to getting laughed at right? Anyways Louis was freaking out because I wouldn't talk to him. He came over and gave me a hug. I laughed.
"You fell for it! You always do!" I laugh.
"Sometime I won't so you better watch your back because of you really do get mad or sad then I wouldn't believe you!" He smiled.
He had a point there. I wondered if anyone will know about my birthday. They probably knew. I know that Lou already told them. Louis is probably going to throw me another surprise party like every year. I am going to be 21. We got back to painting. When we were done we let it dry. It was around dinner when we finished. I cleaned up and showered. I threw on some sweats and a tee. Eveyone was out of the pool so we decided to eat.
"I'm starving!" Niall shouted.
"Where do you guys want to go eat?" I ask.
"I don't know..." Everyone answered.
I wanted to go to Nandos but I didn't know if everyone else wanted to go. Niall suggested it and everyone agreed. I should've suggested it but its okay. We hopped in the cars and headed there. It wasn't that far of a walk but everyone but Hailey, Danielle, and Perrie knew about that park. We took the cars and drove off. The boys in one car and the girls in the other.

When we left for Nandos I started thinking. Her best friend was gorgeous too! Do I go for Jelani or Hailey? If I go out with Jelani, would it ruin her and Louis' relationship? If I go out with Hailey, woild it ruin her and Jelanis friendship? My thoughts got interrupted by Louis.
"So mate. How do you like Jelani?" He asks.
"I like her. She is funny and nice." I reply.
"Yeah? She is my only cousin that is fun. The others would complain saying its too dangerous and everything!" Louis responds.
"Oh." I reply not knowing what to say.
We finally get to Nandos. I kept thinking. I don't know who to choose.

I was thinking in the car. Jelani's friend was gorgeous. Maybe I can date her instead of Jelani. What if she doesn't like me? What if she wants Niall? Why am I thinking that? Either way I am going to get the girl. But wait! What if Hailey has a boyfriend?

I thought Harry and Niall were cute. I couldn't date then though because I have a boyfriend. His name is Nathan. Not Nathan Kress haha. They are in a boy band so that's probably why I am falling for them. I have Nathan and Jelani needs a boyfriend so she has two choices.

I thought Niall was cute! I mean the others are too but not the way I think of Niall. El said that he likes me. It seems like Harry does too. Harry is cute but like a friend cute. I don't like making the first move so I'm going to wait. We are eating and my thoughts got interrupted.
"Lani! Can we all have a sleepover? Pretty please!!" Lou asks.
"I don't care just as long the house doesn't get into a mess!" I laugh.
"YAY!" Louis shouts.
He always did that when my mom said yes to a sleepover. These guys were fun to hang out with! The girls were too. We finished eating and headed back. When we got back, the paint was dry so we can make the furniture. I forgot a matress! I told Louis and I headed out the door with Hailey. We went to get him a matress. When we came back, the house was clean! I smiled and went into Louis room. We put the matress on the bed. We put the couch in and everything. We put his new clothes away in the dresser. We also bought wooden letters that spelled out Louis across his door. We came out and everyone was watching the telly. They were watching "The Big Bang Theory". We joined them and they laughed because of the show. I was figuring out where everyone could sleep. We had three extra people. Louis couch was a pull out couch. He has a bed I have a bed, someone can sleep in my mums room and the pull out couch in the living room. Wait, I have a better idea! Me and Lou always did this.
"Why don't we do backyard camping?" I ask.
"Yes! We should!" Louis immidently responds.
"Backyard camping? Why don't we go real camping?" Hailey asks.
"Backyard camping is fun!" Louis responds.
The boys agreed with Louis. I think because of my birthday tomorrow. Hailey slowly agreed to it. Louis and I set up the tent and got the sleeping bags. I remember making s'mores with Louis. We went to the store to get marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. We came back and everyone was confused.
"What's that?" Zayn asks.
"We are making s'mores!" I respond.
"What are s'mores?" Niall asks.
"You don't know what s'more are?" Louis asks.
"No.." Niall answers.

When Niall didn't know what s'mores were, I immidently made one and gave it to him. Man! S'mores are amazing! Then I thought , only cool people know about s'mores. That means only me and Jelani are the cool kids. We were making s'mores and Harry's marshmallows kept falling from the stick so I had to help him. We kept laughing then Hailey looking at her phone then she stood up.
"Hey I got to go." She frowned.
"Why?" I ask.
"Um I don't want to talk about it." She cried.
Jelani ran in to go see what's wrong. She seemed worried for her. I followed her also.

I follow Hailey inside because I was worried. I hoped no one followed. I was wrong because Louis did.
"Hailey are you okay?" I ask.
"No! My mom and dad got divorced. Sorry but I really need to go." She said slamming the door behind her.
Louis and I ran out and she ran faster. We walked back to everyone. I got a little teary eyed because I know how she feels. I wiped my tears and went back outside. I was getting tired so I went in the tent and went to sleep. I kept twisting and turning. I was having a nightmare. I had a dream where I got in a bad car accident and I was in the hospital. My eyes were slowly closing like I was dying. Louis was right by my sides d he was crying.
"LOUIS! DON'T GO!" I screamed.
I felt a shake and I woke up. It was Louis. My face was covered in tears. He pulled me close in his chest like he used to. I cried and whispered "don't go" in his ears.
"I won't don't worry." He whispered.
I was crying still. I felt another hug and it was El. Louis started singing to me. I started calming down. I looked at my phone and it was 6am. I was calmed and went inside. I was cold that's why. Louis followed me inside. He sat at my side and hugged me. He was warm.
"Happy Birthday!" He whispered in my ear.
"Thanks."I whisper back.
I heard the door open and it was Niall. I guess he heard me.

I heard her scream in the night. I looked up to see that Louis and Eleanor were already hugging her. I layed back down as saw they went inside. I walked in behind them.
"You alright?" I asked.
"Uh yeah." She responded.
We sat with her until she was okay. About 2 hours later, the rest of the gang came in. We decided to go to The Pancake House for breakfast. We all got ready. Jelani was wearing a beautiful pink and blue floral print dress. Her hair was curled. We headed out the door.

We headed out the door. It was only a block from here so we walked. It was great weather too. The boys were having their last concert here in Doncaster tomorrow. I wanted to go but didn't have any tickets. Hailey wanted to go to but on well. My phone started buzzing when we were outside of the entrance doors.
-Call From:Dad-
"Hey I will meet you guys inside!" I shouted.
"Ello?" I answered.
"Hey pumpkin!" He answered.
"Hi." I replied.
"Happy Birthday!" He replies.
"Uh thanks. Well I have to go bye." I hung up.
I walked in and sat next to El.
"Who was that?" Louis asked.
"My dad..." I faded.
"Oh. What did he want?" He smirks.
"Just to tell me happy birthday. What else would he want?" I asked.
We ordered our drinks and meal. Girls kept coming up asking for pictures and autographs. One girl walked up to me.
"Who are you?" She asks.
"Louis cousin." I reply.
"You're probably just a loser that asks for sympathy so the boys can be yours!" She replies.
I started to cry and I walk out. I used to get bullied so I was used to it. I walked home. The boys came back about 20 minutes later. The girls went shopping. I was singing and I didn't hear the door so I kept singing. I also played my guitar. I heard a knock at my door so I stopped.
"Lani are you okay?" Louis asked.
"No." I start to cry.
Louis walked in and sat at the end of my bed. The boys followed.
"You are an incredible singer and guitar player." Niall compliments.
"You guys heard me?" I ask.
"Of course we did!" Zayn shouts.
"You're incredible!" Liam and Harry shout.
"Oh uh thanks." I blush
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