My First Love

Hi. I'm Jelani Grey! I am like every other girl, except for one thing. I am Louis cousin from Doncaster. I am very close to Louis. I have never had a boyfriend. When I meet One Direction for the first time, my world changes. Read the story to find out why. [This is my first one so don't hate please]


9. Concerts and Simon Cowell


I woke up in Jelani's mums room. I guess we all stayed over again. Tonight was the night of the concert. I think Louis said there was an after party. I wondered it Jelani was going. Of course she was! I smelled breakfast so I walked out to see Harry cooking.

"Good morning El!" She exclaimed.

"Good morning. Where is everyone?" I ask.

"Sleeping except for Niall and Jelani. Niall took her out to eat." He responds.

"Aww! That is cute! They are getting together I know it!" I exclaim.

"Yeah." He sighs. "How is she doing since last night?" I ask feeding her puppy.

"She wasn't too happy." He responds.

Everyone came out starving. We start eating and waited for them to get back.

~NIALL'S POV~ I took Jelani out to eat. I wanted to make her happy. She didn't seem very happy when she woke up. I also wanted to get her a new guitar. We got done eating and walked to the guitar store. I hope she was going to the concert and after party. We walked in the store. We got one for her and her mum. She smiled a little. I signed her guitar when we bought it. She smiled bigger.

"Thanks Niall. You're really sweet." She laughs.

"No problem. You are amazing." I respond.

"Thanks. You too." She blushes.

"I have something to tell you. I don't know if you feel the same way." I start off.

"Okay tell me." She responds.

" you." I hesitate.

"I love you too." She blushes.

We leaned in for a kiss. We walked back to her flat. We walked and played the guitar. We sang too. We were laughing and having fun. We walked in and set the guitars in her room. She grabbed her puppy.


When we kissed, I felt sparks. It was sweet. I have never felt that feeling before. My first boyfriend is a celeberty! You don't see that everyday! We walked back playing the guitar and singing. We were laughing and having fun. We got to the flat and put the guitar away. I grabbed Mr. Cuddles. We saw everyone outside so we joined them.

"There you too love birds are!" Louis laughs

"Yup here we are." I respond.

"Aww! See what did I tell you?" Eleanor giggled.

"Yeah you did." I blushed.

"You going to the concert Lani?" Louis asked.

"No I couldn't get tickets." I respond.

"I'll get you in dont worry." Louis giggles.

"Thanks." I thanked him.

We sat there laughing and smiling. They had to leave for rehearsals. They asked me to join so I did. We got there and the arena was huge. I just followed them and looked around. It was amazing.


We had Jelani come with us to the arena with us. We showed her around she seemed happy. She is with Niall now. He should treat her right or I won't be happy. It was good that she finally has a boyfriend. I know Niall would hurt her. We got to rehearsals and she just watched us. When we took break, me and her ran around and played with the guitars and everything. She started singing and Simon walked in. She didn't notice until she turned around. She stopped. I wonder what he was going to say. I told him to come and see her. I hope she wouldn't be mad at me.


We were singing then Louis stopped. I still sang until I turned around and saw Simon Cowell. I blushed and put the guitar away. He was smiling. I was so nervous of what he would say. That's the other reason I didn't go on X Factor. I just stood next to Louis.

"Are you Jelani?" He asks.

"Yeah I am." I blush.

"You are an amazing singer and guitar player." He responds.

"Really, you think so?" I ask.

"Of course! Louis told me to come to see you!" He laughs.

I look at Louis. Why did he do that? I was nervous. I just stood there looking at the ground with my face looking like an idiot. I bit my lip. I always did that when I was nervous.


When I heard her sing, it was amazing! When she found out I was there she immediently went to Louis. She looked nervous. Her face was bright red. She looked pretty. She finally looked up.

"Wow that was-" I got cut off.

"Terrible I know." She interupts me.

"I was going to say amazing." I laugh.

"Are you serious?" She asked in shock.

"I am! Do you want to work with me in a studio like the boys?" I ask.


"I am! Do you want to work with me in a studio like the boys?" He asks.

I didn't know what to say. I was in shock. I looked at Louis. He nodded his head yes with a big smile. I smiled big.

"I would love to!" I respond.

"Meet me in the studio tomorrow in the morning around 10." He says walking away.

I kinda squealed and hugged Louis! I was so excited. I was going to be famous. I ran to Niall and hugged him. He asked what I was so happy about. I told him the told everyone else. I was so excited. They had to go get ready for the meet and greet. They asked me to join them. I sat I between Niall and Louis. When the "Directioners" came, it was fun then I saw Kennedy. I got up and hid. I didn't want her seeing me. Niall gave me the sign saying she left. God, why did she have to be here? Knowing her, she wouldn't like One Direction. She just wants to get to them just so that she can torture me.



We were having fun with the VIP Directioners. We were laughing and snapping pictures then I saw Jelani run behind a curtain. I was all confused when Kennedy walked to us. I figured that she didn't want to be hurt again. I would see why. Kennedy is a horrible person. Jelani is so nice and generous, who would hate that?



I saw Jelani run behind a curtain to hide. I looked over to see Kennedy walking in. God, I hated her for hating Jelani. I would probably like her if she didn't hate Jelani. I gave her a smirk. I didn't even hug her. I smiled for the picture just to be nice. Niall told Jelani when Kennedy left. We got back to talking and laughing. Everyone kept asking who Jelani was. She is my beautiful cousin! She is also Niall's girlfriend. I bet they are going to be called "Jiall" or "Nialani" or something like that. They were cute together, but Niall has to be good with her. Niall is her first boyfriend. She also has a weak heart. She gets hurt easily since she got bullied and all. Liam could have helped her with it but she didn't know him at the time. My thoughts got interrupted when girls screamed really loud. I looked over and Jelani was kissing Niall. I awed with the girls. It was cute.



I came out behind the curtains. I laughed a little when I was hiding because of Louis. Everyone kept asking about me and who I was. Some of them didn't like me when they found out I was dating Niall. Oh well, haters are haters. A lot of the girls seemed to love me. They would ask me questions and of course I would answer them. The girls kept yelling "Kiss Kiss Kiss" loud. Niall leaned in and we kissed. It was sweet. The crowd was awing when I heard Louis with the crowd. I laughed. Louis was the best cousin ever! I thought he would have forgotten about me. Of course he wouldn't, why would I think that? It was time for them to get ready for the concert. Me and Eleanor sat backstage and played Temple Run on my iPad. The boys ran out to the stage and we peaked our heads from the curtains. It was amazing. Then Niall talkes after Live While We're Young. 

"I'm going to dedicate this song to Louis' beautiful cousin Jelani!" Niall shouts.

They started singing. They were singing "Summer Love". I started getting teary eyed. It was so cute. Niall hurried and grabbed me out to the stage. They kept singing. I was starting to cry. I was thinking. They were leaving soon and for a long time. That's why he dedicated it to me. He wanted to tell me that I was his Summer Love. He wiped my tears as he was singing. You could hear the crowd awing and everything. They were shouting "I wish that was me"! I couldn't help it but smile.


I knew that me and the lads had to leave Jelani soon. It was heart breaking to know I have to leave my girlfriend for a very long time. She is going to get a deal with Simon so maybe she can tour with us. I wanted to dedicate Summer Love to her. I wanted to because she was my Summer Love, and I had to start packing soon and leave her. Touring is hard when you have a girlfriend. I wanted to cry when I saw her tearing up. I didn't because I wanted to show how strong I could be. I brought her out and she was crying. I wiped her tears. I smiled so she can smile. When the song was over, we kissed and it felt amazing. I wanted to cry. I was going to miss her so much! Hopefully she will understand that I won't love any other girl while I'm away from her. Even when I'm with her, I only love her. The concert ends and we have to get ready for the after party Simon made for us. We get ready and leave. The concert was fun.


I smiled really big when Niall dedicated that song for her. It was so cute! When we were leaving. I saw something that didn't look right. It was Hailey, leaving the concert! She told Jelani that she couldn't go. She did! I stood there in shock. Louis came by me and saw it too. Jelani walked to us asking if we were okay. We came back to reality and said yes we were. We didn't want to tell Jelani or that would hurt her. She was hurt enough with Kennedy and her dad not being with her. I felt sorry for her. I heard her phone buzz. It was her mum. 


My phone started buzzing loud. I checked to see who it was.

-Call From: Mum(;-

"Ello Mum!" I exclaim.

"Ello Darling, I have to tell you something." She replied worried.

"What is it mum?" I ask.

"We are moving to Austrailia!" She exclaimed happy.

"WHAT? Mum you didn't even ask me! I don't know if I even want to move there. Or move at all!" I exclaim.

"It would be a good experience." She replied.

"I'm going to have to think about this..."I replied.

She hung up the phone. I looked at the ground. Louis came over to see if I was okay. I wasn't. I didn't want to leave the house. I know I am 21 but my mum needs help from time to time. I didn't want to leave the house because of the memories. I didn't want to leave them. They were precious memories. I didn't want the people who move in there after us fix the old ones. Like the staircase to the attic is all dented and everything, its because of me and Louis. I just put a smile on my face and walked with them. I will think about it later. I didn't want to be miserable at the party.

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