I Promise

Katheryne has a habit of making promises she can't keep, she keeps getting peoples hopes up, only to let them down.
If Ireland is her only escape from her unsatisfying home life, and she's made yet another promise to her boyfriend back home. Will meeting Niall Horan cause her to break her promise leaving her in a deadly situation and haunting story? Is Niall's love strong enough for Katheryne to become emotionally stable again?

Unfortunately you can't always run away from yourself.


13. Wounded


It was the next day and Niall still hadn't showed up. "So you told him where we are?" Jeremy asked. "What, you WANT him to come here?" I snapped at him. Jeremy tightened his fists. "I really hate when you're rude to me like that, its un-lady like" he scolded. I rolled my eyes, "So what exactly are you planning out of this? You can't really expect me to love you after beating me up. Why aren't we running to another location if Niall is coming for me? Are we going to stay here forever?" Jeremy unfolded his crossed arms and fixed his filthy baseball cap. "You really think I was stupid enough to not take your cell phone? Ha! I knew if I left your phone in your pocket you would call or message him" now I was really confused. "Wouldn't that like foil your plan or something? Wouldn't you want him not to find us?" Jeremy laughed out loud. "Oh baby, you ask too many questions. You're mine and only mine. This bastard tried to take you away from me. I'm not letting him off so easily, when he gets here to try and take you away again I'll slit his throat." The color drained from my face. He had gone fucking nuts.

I had a killer headache; I didn't remember going to sleep. We were both still in the bedroom and it was pouring rain outside. The beating of rain drops against the window calmed me a little. I just wanted Niall to come save me but I knew I couldn't let him; I had to wait until Jeremy left the room so I could grab my cell phone. Niall's safety was more important than mine, even if I'd never get to see him again. I wasn't risking his life.

I thought about the time when I first met him at the meet and greet. Becca and I were the only kids in my school that got to go because my wealthy parents paid for the tickets. I remember stepping in the room and almost fainting. It was really them, I also remember Becca crying, she was worse than my old childhood friend Violet with her Justin Beiber obsession. I remember Niall blushing a lot and he laughed at almost everything Louis said. His looks were striking, Staring into those baby blue eyes, and wanting to run my fingers threw his blonde locks. I smiled from the memory.

"I'm going to the bathroom, do you need to go?" Jeremy asked me. "No I'm fine" I replied I was still on the floor from last night, I was leaning against the bed post playing with the strings on the men's sweater I was wearing."I'm gunna stay here, I promise I won't run and I'm done with breaking promises, I love you Jeremy. You're right; I'm yours and only yours. Niall can never love me like you" I put on a fake, warming smile. Jeremy leaned down and kissed my forehead "Thank god you realize that now."

Jeremy left the room so I crawled over to the night table; I lifted it up and grabbed my cell. Jeremy always hid stuff under the night stand. I opened Niall's message and hit reply;

"Niall everything is ok now, I realize now that I belong with Jeremy. Please find a girl who you really deserve, not me. I hope you understand"

I pressed send and deleted the text. I slipped the phone back under the night table and let the tears wash over. Niall was going to hate me.

Niall's P.O.V 

I was driving around all night; this cell phone tracking shit wasn't working well. Since I didn't know my way around I was getting lost and it was frustrating. I pulled over at a gas station on the country side so I could get something to eat and check my phone. I received another message from Katy; I hastily opened it only to feel my heart break into a million pieces.

"Niall everything is ok now, I realize now that I belong with Jeremy. Please find a girl who you really deserve, not me. I hope you understand"

"Rubbish!" I screamed as I punched the steering wheel. He had obviously caught her with the cell phone because Katy wouldn't say that. I know she wouldn't, she couldn't. I closed my messages and opened the "find my IPhone" app. Katy's iPhone popped up on the screen saying it was nearly 2 miles from where I was; I can honestly say it was the first and (probably will be the only time in my life) I skipped food for anything. I quickly turned on the ignition and drove out farther onto the countryside.

Katheryne P.O.V 

Without delay I wiped away my tears when Jeremy entered the room, immediately putting on a happy persona. Jeremy was satisfied that I hadn't tried to take off. I was still in the process of planning my escape anyways.

"I'm going to go and buy us some McDonald's and since there's a possible chance Niall will show up and you breaking your promise I'm going to have to keep you down in the basement. I know you love me, I really do, but I'm sure you understand that this is a trust issue." I nodded and proceeded to follow Jeremy down the stairs. It hurt to walk but this was my chance to run. When we reached the bottom of the stairs I rushed to door swinging it open and ending up falling into Niall's arms.

I pushed passed him as I grabbed his hand and ran out into the rain. Jeremy shouted and ran after us. I kept thinking the same thing "left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot , don't trip, keep going" We had made it to end of the drive where Niall's car was parked and Niall yelled at me to get in. I scurried to the passenger door. But I wasn't quick enough; Jeremy struck me down like a squirrel on a freeway. My face smashed against the gravel driveway along with rest of my body leaving open wounds from the rocks. Niall and Jeremy were tackling now up against the car. Niall was half Jeremy's size he wasn't going to win. Niall punched Jeremy straight in the jaw. Jeremy stumbled back and took a quick breath. Ready to come back for more, they were going to fight to death and I had to stop it.

The gash on my side was oozing blood and I felt faint. The two guys were still punching and throwing each other around. I finally managed to pick myself up and limp towards the fight. Niall screamed at me to get back but I refused to. "Katy you're hurt! Go sit down! I'm going to fucking kill this bloody cunt! And I'll get you after, please listen to me love!" He shouted as he threw another punch towards Jeremy. "You can't take her away from me! She's mine!" Jeremy barked. He pulled out his switch blade from his pocket and pointed it at Niall.

Before I knew it I was between them shielding Niall, Jeremy swung the knife and I held my breath clinging in front of Niall pushing him back. Out of nowhere there was a large smacking sound followed by Jeremy dropping to his knees and he bundled over, knocked out cold. I looked up to see Louis Tomlinson holding a crowbar that was smothered in blood and behind him was Zayn, Liam and Harry and drenched in the from the rain. They cheered for a quick second before rushing over to me and Niall.

"Holy Shit!" Louis cried. I whipped around to see Niall crouched on the ground clutching his abdomen with both hands. Small trickles of bloody ran out from in between his fingers. I shrieked and knelt down beside him. "Someone called 911, quickly!'' I pleaded, holding Niall in my arms. Liam ripped off his white t-shirt and in a flash had it wrapped around Niall's body. Liam stood there awkwardly as he showed off his perfectly sculptured body. His face turned a bright red when he noticed me staring. It was a short-lived moment before abruptly turning my attention back to Niall. Please don't die on my now i whispered.

Liam's P.O.V 

I ripped my t-shirt off to stop the blood from running. I felt awkward standing there without a shirt on in the rain,it didn't help that I caught Katheryne looking me up and too. I felt my cheeks go hot.

Zayn called 911 asking for an ambulance for two people. "What do you mean two people? I'm fine; Niall needs the attention not me!" Katheryne snapped at Zayn. "You're bleedin' out your side love! I can see it coming through your sweater!" Zayn exclaimed. "Liam, go find something in the house to cover her wound, Zayn and I will take care of Nialler here, now go on love, and go with Liam. Niall's in good hands" Louis said to Katheryne and I. I held my hand out to Katheryne and she hesitantly took it.

we walked through parlor and into the washroom. I opened the medicine cabinet and managed to luck out on Emergency bandages. "Um, You..uh have to.. uh can you..um" I stuttered. "Oh, yeah I guess, just promise you won't judge. My eyes widened in surprise "why would I judge you? Never!" "Ok, good" she blushed before removing the sweater. Katheryne stood there in nothing but her pink cotton panties which made both of us go red in the face. I wrapped the bandage around her curvy waist covering the gash on her side as I tried not to pay any attention to her breasts.

"Thank you Liam" Katheryne said kissing my cheek. Note she was still topless. Dear god what was I doing. I pulled a Jack Mills sweater out of my backpack and passed it to her. It fell just about her knees.I threw on a Burberry t-shirt myself and quickly left the room to avoid anymore of this awkward situation.

The ambulance arrived and took Niall; Katheryne refused medical attention and went with Niall in the ambulance. As for Jeremy he was taken to the hospital as well. I hoped he was going to pay for what he had done to my best mate. I definitely did not sign up for this kind of stuff when I auditioned for x-factor.


AUTHOR NOTES: Thank You so so much for reading! <3 you're amazinggg -Fayth

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