I Promise

Katheryne has a habit of making promises she can't keep, she keeps getting peoples hopes up, only to let them down.
If Ireland is her only escape from her unsatisfying home life, and she's made yet another promise to her boyfriend back home. Will meeting Niall Horan cause her to break her promise leaving her in a deadly situation and haunting story? Is Niall's love strong enough for Katheryne to become emotionally stable again?

Unfortunately you can't always run away from yourself.


3. Take me home

I was really proud of how well the dish turned out. It was delicious and I think Niall really enjoyed it because he had three plates full - good thing I made extra.
So instead of going out, hanging out at the hotel was still fun. I sat on the red velvet couch , Darren sat across from me and Niall sat in a red velvet chair that was facing us. "So, what do you guys wanna do?" I asked shyly. I was starting to become uncomfortable because everyone was on their phones and silence washed over the room. Niall looked up from his phone "sorry was just tweeting my fans what I was up to, do you have twitter?" He asked me lifting his eyebrows. "Yeah I do it's hard to say out loud could I type it in for you?" "Yeh go for it" he said as he passed the phone to me. His hand brushed mine when he handed It to me. there were fireworks going off in my chest, what the hell was that. I typed in my username and followed it and handed his iPhone back. "So, do you play any guitar?" Niall asked me. "Yeah I do actually, I can only play basic chords but for the most part I'm not bad."His face lit up "one sec I'll be back." He stood up and rushed off to his bedroom and coming out of the room with a oak colored guitar. "Here, what can you play?" He handed me the guitar and a orange pick. I started playing "Little Bird" by Ed Sheeran and I sang too, (which was extremely embarrassing).

- If we take this bird in, with its broken leg,
We could nurse it, she said,
Come inside for a little lie down with me,
And if you fall asleep, it wouldn't be the worst thing.
But when I wake up, and your make up is on my shoulder,
And tell me if I lie down, would you stay now?
Let me hold ya, oh.

But if I kiss you will your mouth read this truth,
Darling how I miss you, strawberries taste how lips do,
And its not complete yet, mustn't get our feet wet,
Cause that leads to regret, diving in too soon,
And I'll owe it all to you, oh, my little bird.
My little bird.

"That was ace, your really good!" Niall exclaimed. "Thank you Niall" I said gleaming, he was so sweet in person. So innocent, the boy next door really.
Darren stood up "well I'm bored to shit so can we do something interesting now?" Darren whined. Niall rolled his eyes "yeah whatever man, what did you have in mind?" Darren walked in and out the kitchen coming out with a few bottles of Vodka and a case of some Irish brand beer. "I'm gunna call a few friends over and get this party started!" Darren shouted out, seriously ? Wasn't he drinking earlier today? That's crazy.

Guests started to arrive and the drinking started. I went around meeting and talking to Niall's and Darren's friends most of them were very kind and knew how to keep a conversation going. By ten o'clock I was trashed, more drunk I've been in my entire life. I couldn't focus and I knew I couldn't get to my hotel in this state I walked over to Niall who was playing FIFA on Xbox with some other guys. "Niall I don't think I can make it back to my place in this state can someone walk me home?" "Yes of course love, I'll do it Myself!". HE WAS GOING TO FUCKING WALK ME HOME OH MY GOD. It's crazy to think he would be doing this for me. A nobody . Just Another Fan.

We walked in silence for a bit. "So, why are you visiting Ireland anyways?" Niall looked at me with those gorgeous blue eyes. "Just wanted to fulfill a childhood dream." I laughed. Why did I really want to be here? It didn't matter, I was just glad I did come to Ireland . When I got to the hotel room door, Niall held it open for me. "Thanks" I mumbled. I turned around seeing how drunk he really was. "Are you ok to walk back yourself?" I asked drunken Niall. "Yes mam!" He answered me with a goofy smile. Niall began to stumble down the hall. I wasn't letting that mess go outside by himself. I went and grabbed his hand and pulled him inside my hotel room. "You're staying here for the night, you're in no condition to be on the streets at this time being that drunk." He agreed with me and crashed on the couch.
I went into the bathroom taking with me a matching tank and shorts for pajamas and a hair band to put my hair in a bun. I peeled off the skinny jeans I was wearing. I looked in the mirror to stare back at myself. Why did my thighs have to touch? it wasn't pleasant. I pulled of my top and had another look at myself. Disgusting. Worthless piece of shit. That's why your stuck with Jeremy. That's why you'll never get a guy like Niall. Oh Niall sweet, innocent, funny and gorgeous Niall. I started to cry it was all to much I hated myself.
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