I Promise

Katheryne has a habit of making promises she can't keep, she keeps getting peoples hopes up, only to let them down.
If Ireland is her only escape from her unsatisfying home life, and she's made yet another promise to her boyfriend back home. Will meeting Niall Horan cause her to break her promise leaving her in a deadly situation and haunting story? Is Niall's love strong enough for Katheryne to become emotionally stable again?

Unfortunately you can't always run away from yourself.


15. Sick


My hands trembled as I chewed my nails right down to the quick. I paced nervously around the room. Three weeks had passed since leaving Niall in the hospital. three weeks of torture.

I stood in front of the mirror looking back at myself. My eyes were sunken in and I had lost a vast amount of weight. I looked like a drug addict with my stringy, unwashed hair and my chapped lips.

I didn't think there was going to be any consequences to my hasty actions three weeks ago. My mind was playing tricks on me too, I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder. It was possible I was having a nightmare but the second I was roused from my own screaming I'd forget what was I was even dreaming about.

I was too afraid to leave my own house. I slumped down to the floor; my back pressed against the oak wood dresser in my parents 2.5 million dollar mansion.

I was a murderer and I knew it, Niall knew it, Liam knew it and I didn't even know if the rest of the boys knew it. I pulled my knees to my chest contemplating whether ending my life would be a rational decision. My pain would be gone, it's not like I had any plans for my future without Niall or Jeremy. Never in my life had I felt so alone. Slowly rising I shuffled to the bathroom.

"Katheryne? Is that you?" My mother called from under the balcony. Our house looked exactly like a stereotypical Mansion. A balcony leading to several rooms connected to two stair cases against each wall of the wide set room. "Yeah, I'm going to take a bath" I spoke without any expression. I looked down to see my short, blonde haired mother staring at me with a sadness in her eyes. "You really should something with yourself Katheryne, you can't live in the past forever" She spoke softly. I frowned. "I suppose not, but right now it seems that way" I pouted.

I quickly entered the bathroom and shut the door before she gave a me lecture. I stripped my clothes off and filled the bathtub with warm water. I swirled the foamy water with my index finger as I poured bubbling soap into the running water. Sighing I dipped my feet into the water along with the rest of my bottom half. As I sat back indulging in the warm water surround my legs, I closed my eyes and Imagined the first night with Niall replaying in my mind. I thought about the way he laughed making made me smirk, he really did have the cutest laugh. I missed the way he would plant little kisses on my cheek and create a path down to shoulder, also the way he teased you and knew how to have fun. I missed him so fucking much, it pained me to do what I was about to do next.

Niall's P.O.V 

I looked at Liam before knocking on the door for reassurance that this was a good idea. Liam nodded and I let my knuckles hit the large mansion door. A petite woman with short blonde hair answered the door, she reminded me much of my own mother. She smiled polity and held her hand out to shake all of the boy's hands. "I knew you would come eventually, Katheryne's washing up. Please come in." Her smile growing wider. She held the door open allowing our entry to the grand room.

She led us all into a sitting room, after offering tea to the boys she made her way to the kitchen. Silence washed over the room; I began to twiddle my thumbs and bite my lip. "I can't wait any longer guys, I have to see her" I snapped, I got up off the couch and ran up the staircase rushing towards the bathroom. I placed my hand on the door and took a deep breath. "Katy?" I whispered. No response "Katy?" this time I said it louder. No response "Katy, are you in there?!" I shouted, banging on the door only to receive another blank response.

I backed up, shuffling my feet and took another deep breath before abruptly slamming my body into the door forcing it to open and send me tumbling to the ground. As I got up I heard the slight sound of water running and I felt the hot steam hit my face, it was like a sauna in there.

I opened the shower curtain, my eyes grew wide when I saw the all the blood. Katy's lifeless body lay in the blood soaked water, her head resting at the back of the tub and her arms over the sides with her wristed turned up. Long open cute were placed neatly across each wrist, Blood trickled down her forearm.

I let out a silent shriek; I grabbed a few towels off a rack and covered her wounds. She was going to bleed to death with all the steam making her blood run out faster. Panicking, I called for help. Harry and Liam came bursting through the doors. "What's going on?" Harry hastily asked while trying to catch his breath.

"I think she was trying to commit suicide" I said speeding my words. "Now help me get her out" I commanded. Liam pulled her up from under her arms and I held her legs. Quickly I wrapped her bare body with a towel; she was still breathing and was slipping in and out of consciousness. "Should we call 911?" Harry asked me holding up his cell phone.

Before I could answer, Katy's mother came up behind Harry and spoke "No we have a personal nurse here, I go get her" she said calmly unaware of Katy's state. I swept Katy up bridal style and carried her to the bedroom, placing her gently on the cashmere queen size bed. Liam pulled out a few drawers in search of some clothing to dress her in. He threw me a pair of sweat pants, a t-shirt and underwear.

It was awkward because I had never dressed a girl before, let alone an unconscious one. Moments later a tall and slim blonde lady walked into the room. Followed by Katy's mother, Louis and Zayn. Louis and Zayn both gasped upon seeing Katy in my arms unconscious. The nurse stepped forward and set a large doctors bag on the duvet. She pulled a roll of bandages from the bag and politely asked me to hold out Katy's arms. After disinfecting them, she wrapped Katy's arms tightly in bandages. It was so hard to hold back the tears that I knew were coming; I shouldn't have left her for so long, I should have run after her that day at hospital.


I held on to Katy as I walked her to my car.

"Where are we going?" She whispered. Her voice was so innocent, so childish, like a preschooler just waking up from a nap. I assisted her as she crawled into the front seat. I closed the door behind her and slipped into the other side of my car. "We're going back to Mullingar babe" I picked up her frail hand and kissed it. She looked up at me with dull eyes.

"Ok" she mouthed before turning her gaze out the window.

It felt like hours as we drove in silence. I could hear her quiet humming when I flipped on the Ed Sheeran song "Wake Me Up" 

"This is one of favorites" she spoke suddenly, finally breaking the awkward silence.

"Mine too, so how are you feeling?" I asked, changing the subject. "Okay I guess...who's going to take care of me when you go back on tour?" I felt the large lump in my throat; I was going to have to tell her sometime. "I am babe" I squeezed her thigh before returning my hand to the steering wheel. "Are you taking me with you?" Her voice came out uncertain.

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