I Promise

Katheryne has a habit of making promises she can't keep, she keeps getting peoples hopes up, only to let them down.
If Ireland is her only escape from her unsatisfying home life, and she's made yet another promise to her boyfriend back home. Will meeting Niall Horan cause her to break her promise leaving her in a deadly situation and haunting story? Is Niall's love strong enough for Katheryne to become emotionally stable again?

Unfortunately you can't always run away from yourself.


7. Run Away

We drove out to a cute little pancake house. It was just outside of town so no crazy fans to be seen. I grabbed my purse as we got out of the car. I could see Liam and Danielle both sitting inside waiting for us. Liam stood up when we walked over to the table and gave Niall a bro hug. He turned to me "Well hello miss, nice to meet you" he smiled as we shook hands. He winked at Niall and pointed at me, Niall's cheeks flushed.

"So how do you two know each other?" Danielle asked sweetly. Niall's grin spread across his face. "We actually met yesterday believe it or not! Darren met her at the lion yesterday afternoon when he was drinking pints. He invited her back to the hotel and we've been hanging out since then". He really seemed to enjoy my company. I felt his hand slide up my thigh. Fuck, he had such a crazy effect on me no matter what he did.

"So what were you two up to last night..?" Liam winked. Again. "Actually I don't want to know. How rude of me ... That's none of my business-" Niall cut him off. "Oi stop with your apologizing mate! ". Everyone giggled and we changed the subject. The waitress came by and asked what we were going to have. Right away Niall practically ordered everything off the menu. "So that's for everyone?" the waitress asked us. "No...that's all for me..." Niall blushed.The waitresses jaw dropped. "If you say so sir.." She took the rest of our orders and walked off chuckling to herself. Everywhere Niall went he was always making an impression.


I was living this life that never in a million years I would've ever imagined and only in one week. Niall offered his guest room to me. It was cute how he decided that when he moved out of his dads house he would stay in his hometown Mullingar. A week had passed by and Niall showed a lot of the sights and Museums to me. As I did tell Darren that I was into the culture aspect of Ireland, I guess he told Niall about that. He took me out to a really fancy dinner some radio station in Ireland was hosting. People were questioning why I was there with him and if I was his date, every time Niall he always had the same answer "She's a really close friend". Yeah, a really close friend that you've only known for a week.

I walked into his living room quietly. He was sitting there on the couches with Harry and Taylor Swift watching soccer or "football" as they called it. "Oh hey Katy! Come sit with me!" Niall scooted over so I could take the cushion beside him. I rested my head on his shoulder. I was so tired. I couldn't sleep at all last night. "I'm gunna go to the corner store, wanna come with?" I asked Taylor. She completely ignored me. She was too busy admiring Harry. They're relationship kind of sickened me, I was never a clingy person.

So I guess that was a no... I got up and left them to there football game. "Oi! Wait, I'll go with you" Niall said throwing on his Supra's. I waited for him at the door.

During our walk my phone began to go off like crazy. Jeremy was calling me. Shit, I hadn't even thought about calling him. I didn't even text him the entire time I was here.."Hey Jeremy! What's up? ... Um service is bad here so I haven't been able to call.." Niall raised his eyebrows at me and I shrugged. "Cut the crap. What have you been doing drinking? What about your promise? Fuck Katheryne YOU FUCKING CHEATED ON ME?! " Jeremy screamed on the other line. "What..? Jeremy no!" I lied. "There's magazines fucking everywhere. You can't hide from that! Go look for yourself. Ill call you tonight." He sounded so angry. "Jeremy wait-" then the phone line disconnected. I forgot about the paparazzi who took pictures of us coming out of the hotel last week.

I ran into to the corner store. And went straight to the magazine stand. I stopped dead. "What's got your knickers in a twist?" Niall said coming up from behind me. I stepped to the side. "This" I said my eyes widened I think I was about to faint. "For fuck sakes" Was all Niall could say. Magazine after magazine had "Niall Horan's Mystery girl" plastered on the front page. Does Heart-Throb Niall Horan have a new love interest? one had read.. I grabbed "People" magazine and flipped to the article about us.

"On May 15th One Direction band member Niall Horan was spotted coming out of a hotel in Dublin with a mystery girl. Sources say she was at a party that Niall threw the night before. An insider believes that they even slept together."

I couldn't read anymore I felt like I was going to throw up. Jeremy had never been angry at me before... But I've seen him mad at a guy who was flirting with me once and he beat the crap out of the poor guy. I started dating Jeremy about a year ago. He was sweet but he was so afraid of me cheating on him. Even though he tried not to make a big deal out of his paranoia it was so easy to tell that the littlest things bothered him. He loved me. That's why he wasn't acting angry as much as he should be. He didn't want to lose. Wether I cheated on him or not and I knew that.

Niall walked me back to his house. Thoughts were racing through my mind like cars on a race track.

I cheated on the one guy who would do anything for me and that was the thing about Jeremy... He did everything for me and I never appreciated it. I took everything for granted. I was never satisfied with the all the gifts and flowers. I wanted to have a sex life, I wanted so much more then the sweet little kisses he gave me on the lips. Niall gave that to me when Jeremy couldn't. I didn't even know what love was because I had never liked anyone as much as I liked Niall but I was a fangirl, of course my heartached every time I saw his picture or I watched an interview with him in it. So that couldn't be love. I was just another fan.

I went up stairs and bardged into my room. I laid down on the bed. Giving myself some more time to relax and think. I was so frustrated. I had fucked up so much in my life. I didn't know how I was going to get Jeremy to forgive me. I had to tell Niall about Jeremy. I fucked up really bad this time. I broke a promise and now I'm going to pay for it.

Niall's P.O.V
Katheryne ran up stairs before I could talk to her. Why was she so upset? Was she embarrassed to be seen with me? Who was Jeremy? What did he say to her on the phone? I'm so fucking confused. "Harry can I talk to you in the kitchen mate?" Harry was saying good-bye to Taylor at the door, She was going back to the states in an hour. Harry acted so different around her. Why couldn't he be himself? He almost seemed miserable.. But that was his relationship so I didn't have any right to stick my nose into it. "Yeah sure, what's up?" Harry asked as he took a seat on one of the barstools in the kitchen. I leaned back on the fridge and twiddled my thumbs. "It's just, I'm really confused right now. So I met Katy a week ago, I've already let her stay in my house, I've taken her out to dinner and other places and she's already my best friend. I'm frustrated because she doesn't talk about her life back in Canada. I'm afraid she's hiding something from me? What do I do? I like spending time with her... I don't want to upset her by questioning her though."
Harry sighed. "Honestly, if I were you I would've confronted her about it by now, I'd go upstairs right now and ask her. What do you really have to lose mate? Even if she walks out of your life, would you really miss her? A girl you've only known for a Week?" I walked to the other side of the bar across from Harry. "Harry Edward Styles, if I tell you this, you have to promise not to confirm or tell anyone about it ok?" Harry shook his head and held out a pinky finger. "I pinky swear" Harry promised. I swallowed and began to tell him about me and Katy "ok, well the night Darren threw the party at our hotel in Dublin I walked Katy back to her hotel. She didn't want me out on the streets by myself so I was going to take her couch for the night. And then we kind of .. Slept together..." Harry's mouth dropped open. I continued on "It was amazing...one the best things I've ever experienced in my life. And I want to be with this girl Harry. I think I really like her." Harry looked down at his hands in his lap. "Well then Nialler, you better go up there and sort things out. Talking to her is the only way." I guess he was right. It was the only thing that was going to help me understand her. She was so confusing.

I creaked open her door slightly to peek in. She was lying in bed facing the other way. I quietly crept Into the room with hot cocoa and a plate of cookies. I set them down on the night table. She heard me set the tray down so she rolled over to face me. A small hi was all she said. I ran my fingers through my hair and sat down on the edge of the bed. "We really need to talk, Katy... I know nothing about your home life. You keep to yourself way to much and it's been driving me crazy... whenever I ask you about it,. You change the subject or you don't give me an answer. Are you hiding something from me?"It all came out at once. I closed my eyes hoping she wasn't angry at me.
"I know" she began to cry. "I'm so sorry, I should've told you. I'm so stupid I've just been so caught up having fun here that I don't want to talk about my life back in Canada. I hate it there. I'm never happy, my friends can't make me happy and my boyfriend sure as hell can't make happy either." Boyfriend?!?! This what she was hiding?! For bloody fucking sakes I did take advantage of her last week. At least things were starting to make sense now.

Katheryne's P.O.V
"That's why I said it wasn't a good idea before we slept together. I was going to break up with Jeremy for you... I still want to." I said trying to hold back the tsunami of tears."So why don't you?" Niall stared at me. "Admit it Niall, I'm not a very attractive girl. I'm a nobody. Your famous! You can have anybody you want! Super models, Athletes, Actresses the list goes on..."
"Katy, you're all I'll ever want. You're perfect. You're normal. You've made me feel more like a normal guy in this week then in my entire career!" He smiled and picked up my hand and massaged it with his thumb. "Let's go somewhere, right now. Lets run away! Pick a random destination and travel there. What do you say?" Where did that come from?! My phone began to ring and Jeremy's face was on the screen. I pressed ignore and block. I looked up at Niall grasped his face with both my hands and gave him a kiss. Letting go I said. "That's completely foolish...let's do it."
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