I Promise

Katheryne has a habit of making promises she can't keep, she keeps getting peoples hopes up, only to let them down.
If Ireland is her only escape from her unsatisfying home life, and she's made yet another promise to her boyfriend back home. Will meeting Niall Horan cause her to break her promise leaving her in a deadly situation and haunting story? Is Niall's love strong enough for Katheryne to become emotionally stable again?

Unfortunately you can't always run away from yourself.


16. Haylor


Niall's P.O.V


"No, You're not going anywhere love" I couldn't look at her, I pretended to focus on the road like it was the most important thing in the world. "You can't stay with me while you're on tour Niall, that doesn't make any sense" I caught the hint of anger in her voice. "Katy, until you're better, My career will have to wait" I gripped the steering wheel waiting for what was coming to me. I expected her to slap or punch me, something of that sort; instead, she brought her foot over to the brake pushing down on it, forcing my car to a complete stop on the middle of the road. Thankfully it was only a side road and there wasn't a car around for miles. "Katy what are you doing?" I asked as Katy unbuckled her seat belt and opened the car door.

"There isn't a chance in hell I'm letting you drop everything for me, this is exactly what I was afraid of. I'll be fine on my own Niall, why don't you see that?" She spat. I grabbed her hand before she could escape the vehicle, "Katy, Don't you see that if I leave you alone again you will hurt yourself? I know I can't protect you from everything but I can certainly try to protect you from yourself" I searched her eyes, hoping she would understand. Katy sighed loudly, "I don't want your career ruined because of me Niall, l don't want the other guys to hate me either. I'm ruining their careers too" I watched as the water welled up in her eyes. I scooted over as much as I could to hold her in my arms.

"This Is only temporary Katy, the minute you're healthy again I'll go back on tour. Please stop worrying ok?" Reluctantly, she returned the hug and stayed in the car. "I promise you Katy, I'm going to help you get better and everything will work out." I kissed her cheek before turning my attention back to driving. I couldn't help but doubt she wasn't completely on board with my plan.


*A Week Later , Mullingar*

Katheryne's P.O.V

"Do we really have to have a dinner party?" I sat on the bar stool in Nialls kitchen, displeased with his plans for the evening . “We’re only having it once, then it’s just us here.. all alone. Don't be surprised if I take advantage of that.” Niall winked as his index finger drew circles on the back of my hand. I giggled in response, “I don't know if I can wait that long babe” My fingers hooked into the collar of his t-shirt, pulling his lips to meet mine. I kissed and sucked on his bottom lip, letting the surge of lustful energy compel my thoughts. “You still got that Ram’s jersey?” I moaned. Niall pulled away and gave me a confused look. “Yeah, I reckon so.. why?” I leaned forwards across the countertop so my face was just inches away from his. “Because I want to fuck you in it, that’s why” I whispered before planting another wet kiss to his smiling lips. “We're did that come from? Cause' I'm not complaining” he chuckled, his accent was so strong it made my heart melt like butter when I heard it. Niall leaned against the counter to get a better reach of me as we kissed, just when we heard footsteps hit the linoleum floor.

“Have you quite finished yet?” a sassy voice from the doorway spoke, me and Niall broke apart both blushing like mad when we realized that Louis was standing there. He was holding an extremely gorgeous girls hand as he walked in. I felt my heart drop when I caught a glimpse of her extensive legs and her perfect features. She looked up at me with kind eyes as she took my hand in hers, shaking it gently. “Hi, I’m Eleanor, You're Katy right?” She was so polite and elegant, I really liked this girl. “Yes, can I just say that you’re absolutely stunning” Eleanor’s cheeks presented a light shade of pink as I complimented her."You're quite a beautiful girl yourself, Niall can't stop talking about how pretty you are" I turned my attention back to Niall who was standing there grinning like an Idiot. "Well it's only true!" Niall winked at me before pouring himself some brandy. "Anyone up for a pint? Or some scotch? I got everything", Louis rolled his eyes in response to Niall's question "of course you do, You really should cut back on the stuff Nialler, it's not good for you ... How did you ever survive in Canada not being able to drink?" Louis asked as he grabbed himself a beer. “Fortunately I was able to find a way to drink underage but that's what sickens me about Canada and the States, I’m an Irish men for crying out loud!” Niall pretended to bang his fist off the counter angrily as he joked around with Louis.

Me and Eleanor quietly left the boys to chat by going to the living room to talk amongst ourselves. A few minutes later Danielle and Liam showed up along with Zayn and his girlfriend Perrie. We were all sitting in the living room by then, drinking wine and laughing at Louis’ terrible jokes.

thats when the front door slammed. “I can’t believe you, Its our 3 month anniversary and you didn't take me anywhere special.” the female voice spat. “God, will you stop bitching? You're the one who wanted to be here tonight so I'm bloody sorry that it just happened to be our anniversy, plus three months means absolute shit to me so will you drop it and try to have fun?" The deep masculine voice argued back.

I watched as a drunken Harry clambered into the living room from the kitchen. I scrambled out of my seat to help him sit down. Upon helping him I received a nasty glare from Taylor. "What are you doing touching my Harry? Don't you think you've got enough of the boys going at once?" Taylor snapped. I stepped back, taken aback by her hateful words. "What do you mean?" I stammered. "Harry told me all about it, how you flirted like crazy with little Liam over there" She shot at me. I swiveled my head around to look back at the group, Liam was shaking his head frantically as Niall and Danielle both placed death glares on him. I then diverted my attention to Harry, who was completely out of it. "I never flirted with Liam. Harry, How could you say such a thing?" I spat. He slowly looked up at me with a sad expression; too drunk to even know what he was talking about but still managed to answer my question. "I'm pretty sure I said that Liam was flirting with you.. I'm not exactly sure what I saw but nobody gave me a task to do after Niall was hurt. so I followed you guys into the house and correct me if I'm wrong but Liam say your tits" Harry was waving his hand around like a maniac like he witnessed an affair.

"It wasn't like that!" I protested, Hastily looking back at Niall again, "So.. Liam did see you naked?" Niall studied my face, his eyes filled with rage. "N-no, just my top half, he was bandaging me up! That's all!" I was surprised I wasn't at my knee's begging Niall for forgiveness, I didn't know wether to slap Harry, Taylor or both. Not only was it so rude of them to show up to the dinner party already drunk and fighting with each other, they had ruined the whole evening.

"I think you two should leave" Niall's voice was low and furious. Harry shot his gaze to Niall. "I didn't do anything! It was all her!" Harry said making Taylor take the blame. "You come into my house and totally disrespect my girlfriend and disrupt our whole evening, and you think that's ok?" Niall now was standing up, gripping his beer tightly. I noticed how quiet everyone else was, Eleanor tugged on Louis' jumper whispering "Do something". My eyes travelled back to Taylor who standing there with her hands on her hips, her lip curled up like one of those preppy girls in highschool that used to make fun of my clothes.

"Whatever, Harry let's go, we don't need them" Taylor snarled. She made an attempt to pull Harry's arm up;Harry stayed put, looking her straight in eyes. "Well c'mon Harry, I'm supposed to meet your mother tommorow. I thought we were talking about moving in together too? Is it going to me or these dirt bags?" Harry remained in his spot, staring blankly at Taylor.

"You fucking twat"

Everyone's eyes darted to the source of the vulgar comment. Perrie, she removed herself from Zayns grasp and walked straight up to Taylor, putting her face right into hers. "Say that again, fucking call us dirtbags again." Perrie didn't move an inch, ready to fight Taylor if she had to; before she could even lay a single finger on her, The girls were separated by Zayn and Louis. Taylor completely lost it, kicking Louis' legs as he held her from behind. He released her and she immediately ran over to Harry, holding on to him. "Lets go baby, c'mon" Taylor nudged him slightly but he wouldn't budge.

Harry grumbled and slapped her hand away. "I'd choose these dirtbags over you any day." He snapped. Taylor gasped and I couldn't help but laugh. She flipped me the middle finger before grabbing her purse. "I thought you were different Harry, and then you just hurt me. Like every other guy. You're a pig" She snorted, making her way out.

"Go ahead right a song about much of bad guy I am! But while you're at it, you should name your next album, maybe I’m the problem!” Harry was relentless, thrashing around and yelling at her out the kitchen window.

Liam and Zayn grabbed him and hauled him off to the guest bedroom. “Um, so I’ll take the couch” I announced to Niall. we stood in the kitchen alone while everyone else remained in the living room. Niall lifted an eyebrow, confused. “Come sleep with me” Niall whispered, grabbing my hips with both hands pulling waist me closer. I mumbled ok before his hands slid down to my rear, squeezing and pushing my crotch into his. I felt his hot breath on neck, travelling up to my ear as he left a trail of kisses. “I want everyone to leave right now, I want you so badly” His voice was husky and sexy.

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