I Promise

Katheryne has a habit of making promises she can't keep, she keeps getting peoples hopes up, only to let them down.
If Ireland is her only escape from her unsatisfying home life, and she's made yet another promise to her boyfriend back home. Will meeting Niall Horan cause her to break her promise leaving her in a deadly situation and haunting story? Is Niall's love strong enough for Katheryne to become emotionally stable again?

Unfortunately you can't always run away from yourself.


18. Good News Bad News


Oh shit this was awkward, more awkward than me getting undressed in front of Liam. God I just wanted to leave so bad. I was stuck beside Niall, sitting across from Harry and Taylor at Harry’s mum’s dining table. Bobby, Niall’s father sat to my left at the end of the table and Anne, Harry’s mother sat to my right. I passed a plate of lamb chops to Niall, not saying a word. He knew I was beyond pissed, I didn’t sign up for this. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Bobby and Anne, I just didn’t really love the idea of having a family dinner with the “Haylor” couple invited. Apparently they had some big news to announce, I smirked slightly thinking about it. I knew Niall and I’s engagement was far better than anything they could ever possibly have to say.

I soon realized I was going to see a lot more of Taylor, Harry and Niall were step-brothers, their parents were wed last September and now I forced to play “Happy family” with this waste of breath. I stared at her coldly as she poured champagne into Niall’s glass. Everyone continued to drink and laugh as I sat awkwardly, hands on my lap politely staring off into space. Soon the doorbell rang; resurrecting me back to reality.

“Bobby, did you invite someone else tonight?” Anne’s tone was off, uncertain. Bobby looked at both Harry and Niall. “No, did you boys?” Bother boys shook their heads, confused. I watched Bobby slide back his chair gingerly before making his way to the front hallway and front door. The group sat in silence for a few moments while Bobby answered the door. I couldn’t hear anyone speaking, the room was too quiet. It made my skin crawl. “Bobby? Is everything alright?” Anne called for him but received no answer. “Harry, would please check on Bobby?” Harry turned Anne and gave her and the rest of us a small smile before sliding his chair out also. “Will be just a moment” He murmured, repeating Bobby’s actions and leaving the room in haste.

“Guess who brought Fairy cakes!” Everyone’s heads snapped towards the source of the excited voice. Liam happily entered the dining room with a pink box full of cupcakes and set the on the table, he was followed in by Danielle and Zayn. Bobby pulled up a few chairs and everyone managed to squeeze in at the table. Why did all the band members have to constantly be together all of a sudden?

“So, you’re all probably wondering why me and Harry called you here tonight.” Taylor gleamed, God she so fucking fake. Was she forgetting tonight wasn’t all about her? Niall and I had something to say too. I decided to speak my thoughts, “Tonight isn’t all about-mmmph” Niall clasped a large hand right over my mouth, instantly shutting me up. I glared at him upon realize. Why wasn’t he on my side tonight? I was starting to feel a little betrayed.

“Anyways…” Taylor continued, not even acknowledging me. It was like everyone immediately forgave her for being such a foul mouthed bitch the other night; they actually looked like they cared about what she had to say. I huffed, turning my attention back to my food. I felt someone squeeze my hand. It startled me; my eyes travelled over to Liam, his hand squeezed my hand once again and gave me an understanding smile. I sighed in relief that at least he cared.

“Are you sure you don’t any champagne? We have wine too, basically anything.” Anne asked with kind eyes. “You know what? Sure! Please! Do you have any scotch?” I put on my best smile, trying to make it look like I was having a good time. Not only that, but I knew Taylor was beginning to get irritated with my interruptions, which lightened my mood a little.

As Taylor and Harry conversed with the group about their travels and all the things that apparently was the most things in the world I snuck glass after glass of scotch, the strong bitter taste burnt as it slid down my throat. It’s sort of funny actually, how people call alcohol “liquid” courage and of course it seems like people use alcohol as excuse to do things they wouldn’t sober; it really truthfully made you courageous. I sniggered finally decided to announce whatever she had to say, “Well guys, me and Harry are going to have a baby!” Taylor held Harry’s hand tightly and everyone clapped and congratulated them, except for me. I sputtered my drink and started to cough. “Harry, you would actually reproduce with that?” I chuckled at my insult, Taylor’s mouth hung open and she began to play the innocent act. Tears formed at the corner of eyes. “Holy shit Katy! What the hell was that?” Niall snapped.

I looked at him in disbelief, he was taking her side! He was actually taking that slut’s side! I wanted to smash all the plates on the table. Instead, I excused myself and said I need to use the toilet and I wasn’t in a good mood tonight. It was an awful excuse but they bought it.

I flicked on the light of the baby blue painted washroom and turned the tap, running my hands under and patting my cheeks with cool water. What was his problem tonight? Did Taylor say something to him? Whatever it was, I was furious with him. I just couldn’t understand why he was upset with me.

I don’t know how long I was in there, but after a short while I heard a soft knock at the door. “Katheryne... Are you in there?” a low male voice whispered from outside. “Go away” I mumbled, it was obviously Liam..I’d really like to know why he was so being nice to me. “Please, talk to me Katheryne. I want to help.” Reluctantly, I unlatched the door and eased it open. Without speaking I pulled him into a hug, I just needed someone right now, anyone. He returned the hug holding me there. After a minute or so I asked where everyone was, he replied by telling me they had all gone to watch the football game. I rolled my eyes; I bet that was Niall’s idea. “Why are you me and not them” I breathily whispered. He pulled back and looked me straight in the eyes, like he was searching for the answer in my eyes. “Because I care about you Katheryne.” Liam cared about me? I barely knew the guy how could he possibly care for such a broken wreck like me? “I know what you’re thinking, how could possibly care about you after all that you have been through. As much as you would like to deny it, I know more about you than Niall ever could and He’s with you every day.” Liam shook his head, trying to make better sense of what he was saying. “What are you saying Liam?” I whispered. I realized he was still holding me, but he didn’t let go. I quickly changed the subject, “Won’t they wonder where you are?” I asked, pulling completely away from him. “I told them I would check on you… to make sure you weren’t puking.” He shrugged, I snorted at his explanation. “Why you? I’m surprised they don’t believe Taylor little lie about us hooking up” I crossed my arms and looked away; I was really starting to miss sulking all day in my bedroom.

“Katheryne, I’m in love with you ok.” He blurted, it left me shell shocked. That was the last thing I was expecting to hear. “w-what?” I stuttered. “Niall will always worry what people think, he’ll always be against you Katheryne. I promise you I can be the man you deserve.” His hands ran behind my ears, scooping the back of my head. “I can’t promise you anything Liam, and I really don’t want any more promise being made to me.” Liam’s eyes were locked with mine; he nodded before dipping in to rest his precious lips on mine.

It wasn’t the same as kissing Niall, when I kissed Niall it was real, sensational and romantic. But when I kissed Liam it was hot, wild and mischievous; and I liked it. I let him slam his hips into mine as the kiss became more lustful. Every few seconds we’d gasp for air before coming back to the passionate kiss. I felt his tongue skim my bottom lip seeking an entrance, which I allowed. I never wanted this to end.

He finally broke off and stood back, satisfied with himself. “Come on, they’re probably wondering where we are.” He said casually, fixing his blazer. “I know I said don’t make me any promises… but promise you won’t tell?” Liam smirked and held out a hand for mine to take. “Sure, As long as this gets to happen again.” He winked, I blushed and shyly nodded.

I wasn’t the same girl anymore.

I gingerly entered the bathroom behind Liam, taking a seat on the couch with Niall; I shuddered slightly as he threw his arm around me. Making me realize what I had just done was so very wrong. But you still liked it. My inner voice spoke, mocking me.

“Well I guess we can finally tell you guys our good news!” Niall was more excited than a child on Christmas. Niall held up my hand that wore the engagement ring, “We’re getting married!” Niall and I were suddenly pulled into a giant doggy pile hug sort of thing, I wasn’t too sure what exactly it was. When I finally found air I realized that neither Taylor ir Liam had joined the hug. Liam stared back at me blankly and abruptly stood up, “oh look at the time! Me and Danielle have to go to a dance competition at 5 tomorrow so we must be going…Congrats to you both, I’m glad you’re happy.” He said with edge I his voice. At this point, everything was going to go downhill from here and I knew it.  


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