I Promise

Katheryne has a habit of making promises she can't keep, she keeps getting peoples hopes up, only to let them down.
If Ireland is her only escape from her unsatisfying home life, and she's made yet another promise to her boyfriend back home. Will meeting Niall Horan cause her to break her promise leaving her in a deadly situation and haunting story? Is Niall's love strong enough for Katheryne to become emotionally stable again?

Unfortunately you can't always run away from yourself.


12. Broken Promises


"We have to find him men, that's not like Niall to just take off like that, what has gotten into him?" Worried Liam said. "He's acting like this because he's in love mate." Harry chuckled while standing up off the leather couch. Liam, Harry, Zayn and Louis were all at Liam's and Danielle's Villa in England.

"Niall... Niall in love? Since when?" Zayn asked Harry giving him a perplexed look. "I don't know, to be honest I think we met that girl a couple of years ago, but I highly doubt it." Harry responded. "Will someone please tell me who this girl is that we are talking about?" Louis raised his eyebrows at Harry and Liam who obviously knew more than him and Zayn. "Her names Katheryne Taylor, she travelled to Ireland and met Niall a couple of weeks ago and they haven't been able to keep their hands off each other since" Liam laughed. His smile soon faded; he stuffed his hands in his pockets and tilted his head down. "As sweet as the couple is and all, and I totally support Niall for finding someone after Demi Lovato turned him down. But this band is nothing without Niall. Without him we might as well not be a band at all." Liam sighed.

Zayn threw an arm around Liam, "You know, we could always track his cell phone..." Zayn said, promoting his idea. "Niall would kill us!" Liam protested. "Do you want to find the man or not?" Zayn questioned Liam. Liam crossed his arms and pouted. "I guess so..." he mumbled.

"Good then! Just let me call my buddy and we'll get to it mates!" And with that Zayn left the room.

Harry and Liam went into the basement to play some pool. "I'll win as usual" Harry bragged. "No way!" I'm going to kick your butt at pool! It's on like Donkey Kong!" they ran out of the room almost tumbling down the stairs.

Louis sat quietly on the leather couch, something didn't feel right and he could put a finger on it. Louis pulled his cell out of the pocket of his rolled up white trousers and slipped off his navy blue Toms shoes. He leaned back and lifted his feet onto the couch. He dialed Niall's phone number.

*ring, ring....ring, ring*

Niall's P.O.V.  

My cell began to ring and I glared at it. Hesitantly I decided to pick up.

"Hello? Who's this?..." I spoke into the receiver.

"Hi! What's up?" Louis asked in a kind voice. I expected him to start Yelling at me and asking me where I'd been. "Hey Lou, Just dealing with some stuff... I'm surprised you're not nagging me." I really was surprised. "Why would I be nagging you mate? Just calling you to have a chat, can't band mates do that?" I rolled my eyes even though he couldn't see me. That's what I love about Louis; he never got in your face about anything. He was so casual about everything and stayed calm in crazy situations "Of course, I'm always here to talk" I replied. "Alright, can I ask you something then?" Louis' tone went suddenly stern. "What's wrong?" he asked.

I took a deep breath and began to cry, I tried to hold it back but I couldn't. Louis was my best mate and there he was listen to me let the tears flow. "Louis, she's gone Louis." I stuttered the words, It hurt so much. "Did she dump you?" My voice grew louder. "God I don't even know! She's been gone for a few days and I've had search parties, her parents are involved now. So she couldn't have dumped me, she just disappeared. What if she was raped? What if she was killed? I can't fucking think straight." I closed my eyes wiping the salty tears from my cheeks. "We'll find her, I promise" Louis said sympathetically. "Rubbish! Absolute bullshit! Promises always get broken! I've always been the guy that people need to comfort, I'm always the child!"

My IPhone sang out "you have a message!" I told Louis to hold on as I answered the message. My mouth dropped and my heart stopped when I saw who it was from, it was from Katy, I opened the message, and read it out loud.

'Niall, baby please I need your help. Jeremy has me tied up in a farm house outside of Toronto, please help me, track my cell this isn't a joke. PLEASE GET HELP'

I read it over again, I couldn't believe what I just read. I picked the phone up again, but I couldn't speak it felt like someone had punched me really hard in the gut. "Niall, You still there?" Louis said on the other side of the phone line. "sh-she, I kno-Know w-where she is.." was all I could make out before hanging up. Grabbed my leather jacket, white Supras, keys and headed out the door. There was going to be blood on my hands tonight. Hopefully it was going to be Jeremy's.

Katheryne P.O.V. 

I had made my way to the front door when someone pushed me right into the wall causing my head to smack off the Door knob. Jeremy picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and carried me upstairs.

My head was spinning and I couldn't fight back. He pushed open a large Oak colored door. Inside the room there was a king size bed surrounded by wooden furniture. The place had been abandoned. Jeremy with his free hand pushed the furniture out of the way; he then placed me on the bed gently. "Why do make promises you can't keep? Silly Katheryne, we're going to get married one day you know that?" he kissed my forehead. He pulled a small package out of his pocket. He ripped the plastic and pulled out a needle, then reaching into his pocket again and held out a small vile. He inserted the needle into the vile and picked up my arm. My insides were screaming and a part of my brain was trying to signal my body to run but I was too dizzy and I had lost a lot of blood from the open wound on my head.

I felt the prick in my vein and the fluids enter my body.

The room was blurry, I felt like I was floating. It was like that one time when I was 16 I went to a bush party and the kids made me try Marijuana. I was high on drugs, my whole body went numb.

I lied back onto the bed and watched the ceiling change colors. To my surprise the ceiling wasn't a ceiling anymore, It was a giant T.V. screen playing a movie. In the movie there was a big stage, with several bright lights surrounding it and loads of screaming fans. I watched until four boys walked on stage. They looked so familiar... it was One Direction! But where was Niall? The boys all had grim faces. Liam walked up to the microphone. "Hello everyone!" he spoke out to the crowd, their screams only getting louder. "Unfortunately Niall will not be joining us again tonight." Liam sprung a tear and stepped back. Harry took the microphone while Zayn comforted Liam. Harry looked out at the crowd and brought the microphone up to his mouth. "And we are sad to announce that this will be our last show. We are truly sorry." All the boys were crying now and hugged each other in a group. What happened to Niall?

I slipped off the bed and crawled to the door. "Where do you think you're going hun?" Jeremy asked. I turned my head to look at him. "You don't fucking call me hun, I don't love you and I never will you. You're a fucking psycho path." I glared at him; I was still stoned out of my tree. Jeremy pulled me up off the ground; He slapped me and pushed me against the wall. "You don't love him as a person; you think you love him because he's a pretty boy, a good singer. You only want his fame. He can't give you what I can!" Jeremy yelled. "Oh but he can! And he does!" I screamed. I tried to claw his at his eyes but it was no use, he grabbed my shoulder and threw me down to the floor. I was so sore that I couldn't move an inch.

My cell phone received a message and created a loud beeping sound. "What was that?" Jeremy asked looking at me. "Nothing" I lied. "Don't play stupid with me, he reached into my pocket and pulled out my cell phone, He read the message out loud.

"I'll be there in a few, I'll have you safe, I promise, and I mean it"

Jeremy laughed and mumbled under his breath "perfect".

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