I Promise

Katheryne has a habit of making promises she can't keep, she keeps getting peoples hopes up, only to let them down.
If Ireland is her only escape from her unsatisfying home life, and she's made yet another promise to her boyfriend back home. Will meeting Niall Horan cause her to break her promise leaving her in a deadly situation and haunting story? Is Niall's love strong enough for Katheryne to become emotionally stable again?

Unfortunately you can't always run away from yourself.


6. A Taste of Fame


Katheryne's eyes fluttered open. The sun was shining through the window and she could hear the birds chirping to each other outside. Niall was still there in bed and spooning with her. He nuzzled his face into the curve of her neck and In a croaky voice he said good morning to her and kissed her shoulder. Katheryne wasn't expecting him to still be there. She expected that he would be horrified with what he had done and he wouldn't ever talk to her again. She would just be a one night stand. But it wasn't at all like that.     Katheryne's  POV: I wiggled my way out of his arms so I could face him. I always felt gross in the morning I bet I looked worse then I felt. I was a little sore but it was totally worth it. My thoughts were running like crazy through my mind. KATHERYNE ANNE TAYLOR YOU JUST FUCKED A MEMBER OF THE WORLDS BIGGEST BOY BAND. Then guilt started to get to me. SLUT, WAIT UNTIL JEREMY FINDS OUT. HAHAHA YOU'RE GOOD AS DEAD. Oh no, I had to break up  with Jeremy before I hurt him even further....What was I thinking? Niall was famous, too famous to have a nobody girlfriend.  I was stupid for wanting to break up with Jeremy, he would be all I'd have left in the end.  "What are you thinking about Katy?" Niall asked me curiously. "Erm... How... Um how good you are in bed" I winked. OH my god DID I JUST SAY THAT?? He chuckled at what I said. "So how good am I?" He had this cheeky grin on him. So. Fucking. Sexy. "Really, really good..." I replied, Reliving what happened last night. "Shit It's 11 o'clock I have to drive back to Mullingar in an hour and a half" Niall panicked checking his phone. He got out of bed and began to pick up his clothes from the floor. "Do you mind if I use the shower before I go?" He asked me. "Yeah sure" I answered him. "You look like you could use a shower too" he said looking at my sex hair. "I know..." I said laughing, I really was a mess. "...Well are you coming?" He asked me raising his eyebrows and pointing towards the bathroom door. WAS HE ASKING ME TO SHOWER WITH HIM??!?! "Yeah, one second" I said quickly. I was completely naked it was different being naked when sober in front of a guy then when your drunk. Niall was already in the bathroom when I got up. I picked my clothes up and set them on the bed. I walked into the bathroom as he was adjusting the temperature of the shower he turned his head to face me, he looked me up and down and growled. OH MY GOD.  He was much more cheeky then I expected him to be. We both got in and washed each other. Yeah, WASHED EACH OTHER. I was embarrassing myself that I was still fangirling in my head.    We were both in the bedroom after, throwing our clothes on.   Niall's  POV:  I barely knew this girl. I didn't know about her home life, or her family whether she had a job or not either. She was just a girl Darren met in a pub. Shit, did she have a bloody boyfriend? I totally took advantage of her last night. For heavens sake I told Liam off last night too! How could I be so daft? "Katheryne can I ask you something?", "yeah, shoot" she said as she sat down on the little couch. "Do you regret what we did last night? It's just that I barely know you and I was drunk and I- " she cut me off "Not for a second, don't worry about." She smiled at me. Thank bloody hell she was ok with it. So why did I still feel so guilty?    Author's POV:  Niall and Katy both left the apartment, Niall invited Katy to come stay with him in Mullingar for the rest of her trip. Katy was ecstatic to go with him. The trip was far from what she ever of imagined it to be. The two finally exited the building when they were both blinded with flashing lights and almost turned deaf from the yelling and screaming people. They were surrounded by paps and screaming girls. "Mr. Horan ! Mr. Horan! Is that a lady friend?!.." One of the paps asked. The word had got out that Niall Horan was back in Dublin.    Katheryne's POV:  What were all these people even here for? Holy shit. Niall grabbed me and pulled me back into the building. "Fuck, shit, bloody shower of cunts..." He mumbled. "I'm calling Liam, hold on... I'm so sorry" he apologized.    Niall's POV: I dialed Liam's number, He immediately picked up. " Hello mate, how's the hangover? " Shit I didn't even bother to ask if Katy was feeling ok. "Luckily, I don't have one. Sorry I yelled at you last night mate. I... Uh... Was in the middle of something." I said winking at Katy. "Sooo... Is that it? Was that you wanted to say?" Liam asked. "Haha I wish. I'm kinda stuck inside a hotel in Dublin. I guess someone leaked out to the press I was throwing a party yesterday. Now I'm surrounded by people, could you get a hold of Paul and the security guards? I've missed placed the number..." Sometimes I wished I didn't have to deal with all of this. Sometimes I wished I could go back to being a normal guy. "Of course mate, what's the address?" Liam asked. I gave him the hotel name and address. He also said he was just outside of Dublin with Danielle and he asked me to come with them for brunch. "Yeah! Sounds like a plan! Do you mind if I bring a guest?" I looked at Katy and smiled at her. She was so gorgeous. Her outfit was really fit on her. She was wearing a striped t-shirt and really tight blue skinny jeans it suited her well. "Well I'll talk to you later mate thanks for your help." I said. "See you later , bye". I hung up and sat down in the waiting room. Katheryne came over and sat with me. " so... What's going on now? " she asked. You could tell she obviously wasn't used to this. "We have to wait until the security guards get here. The police will control most of the crowd but we still need the guards to get us out of here. " I felt bad that she had to put up with this.   Katheryne's POV:  We waited until the guards came and directed us towards a back exit, we snuck out through there and came out into a dark alley. It gave me the chills. The guards offered to take my bags for me and I thanked them. I held onto Niall's arm as we walked through the alley, I let go as we reached the sunlight. On the street was a black dodge viper. Niall pulled out a pair of keys from his pocket and he opened the passenger door for me. "Holy shit, is this your car?" I asked him. He laughed "yeah, do you like it?". "It's so sick" I said trying to sound like I really cared about sports cars. The guards threw my stuff in the back  and me and Niall got in the car. He turned on the radio. One of my favorite songs were playing "Oath" by Cher Lloyd.   - Wherever you go, just always remember That you got a home for now and forever And if you get low, just call me whenever This is my oath to you Wherever you go, just always remember You're never alone, we're birds of a feather And we'll never change, no matter the weather...   "Somebody will get my stuff back at my hotel so we're going go meet up with Liam and his girlfriend Danielle, is that ok?" Niall asked me. "Oh my gosh I would love that!" Now I was excited I got to meet another one direction member! How did a girl like me suddenly become so lucky?! 
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