our awsome life!!!!

me and my cousin jessica are living togther and our life always suddenly changes espically this life im talking about.


3. what really happen??????

ash's pov
when jess left i just had a flashback about the car accident and this really happen
~flashback october 15 2009~
"Bye guys see in the weekend" jess said
"wait ashley i need to give you something" a curled hair boy said
"okay wait for me jess"i said to jess
when i followed him he gave me a little box and inside was a locket and in it had a picture of us when we went to ceder piont together 3 years ago and it had me,jess,him,and the blonde boy.
"thanks your the best harry"i said almost crying
"your welcome"harry said.
"can you put it on me?" i asked
"sure"he answered
"come on i have to go"i said
"do you have to leave now"harry said whinning
"yes i do and i see you next weekend"i said leaving
then suddenly a car was in front of us ad my mom was trying to stop the car but the brake isint working then blackout.
~end of flashback~
when i heard jess come in i told her what really happen and she said
"Woah we have to find the locket and it might gives us more information what really happen"
"well i know were it is,im wearing it didnt you notice?"
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