our awsome life!!!!

me and my cousin jessica are living togther and our life always suddenly changes espically this life im talking about.


2. the pastO_O

ash's pov

when i remeber about the car accident i remeber there was two boys with us and i cant remeber what elese happen i asked jess if she know's.

"jess do remeber about the two boys were with us in the car accident?"i asked jess with a sad face.

"i think so let me go for walk to refresh my memory ill be back only 15 minutes." jess said.

jess's pov

when i started to walk to the park i kinda started to remeber some stuff.the two boys almost look like the same as niall and harry from, one direction.then i see niall at the park in the swings.then he saw me and he ask that if i am jessica and i answered back by saying

"yes i am and you must be niall my old best friend and i missed you so much"  i said.

"ya me too dont you remeber about the car accident and does ash remeber harry?"

"i dont know?"i told niall with a sad face.

ps so how do you think what will happen.

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