Men In The Masks

This story talks about a girl who wants to treated like a teenager and wants to be a teenager, but she learns what she wants isn't always what is the most inportant.


1. Kidnapped

     "Let me go! Let me go!" I screamed.  Then I let out a big yelp

     "No one can hear you." said one of the men in the masks

     "We're too far away for anyone to hear you.  Or to hear anything at all." said another

     I almost forgot to introduce myself, my name is Alison, I'm twelve years old, and I have just been kidnapped.

     Hi, I'm Alison Robinson.  I'm twelve years old(almost thirteen).  I just moved to Miami, Florida.  My dad got a promotion that involves moving to Florida, so that's pretty much the reason why I'm here.  I never got a say in this or anything.  It was just.........boom.  As soon as the job was offered, we left.  Well there is at least one upside to this, my birthday is next week, May 21st.  I'll be thirteen!  I'm tired of people calling me "too young" especially my older sister, Naiomi.

     "Can I go to the movies with you?" I asked

     "No, you're twelve and I'm fifteen that's a huge age difference.  I can risk being seen with a twelve year old.  That could ruin my whole "new girl" reputation." Naiomi said.

    "First of all, you have a reputation?  Second of all, but we're only two years apart." I whined

     "Three.  You're not thirteen yet." she said with an attitude.

     She wins again. Like every time.  She wins!  I hate being told I'm not old enough.  Especially by my sister.  It's not only her, even when we're at restauraunts,

     "Mom, I think the waitor gave me the wrong menu this a kids menu" I said confused

     "Sorry honey, look at the top of the menu" she said sadly

     At the top, it said, "For ages 12 and under." it read

     "Really." I whined

     Don't think I'm stoping there, it's anywhere, like at the movies,

     "My daughter would like to see that movie." my mom said

     "Is she going with you or with them?" the ticketman said pointing at my friends

     "With them." my mom said starting to get annoyed

     "Can I get their ages?" he said 

     "Okay," she said even more annoyed than before,"my daughter is twelve and the rest are thirteen." she said

     "Ma'am this movie is rated p.g. thirteen, they can go but she can't." he said getting on my mom's nerves

     "It's okay Allison, we don't have to see this movie today, we can watch it some other time." said one of my friends trying to make me feel better.

     "No, you guys can go, I'm okay." I said pretending not to care.

     "That's why your such a good friend, Ally." she said thinking I let them leave.

     See what I mean?  My age is even driving my own friends away.  I can't stand being twelve any longer.  Because when your this age, your a pre-teen, a kid, a child!  I just wish this week would be over so it could just be my birthday already.  I went in my room and fell on to my bed.  

     "Ugh." I groaned to myself.

     I was interuppted by Naiomi barding into my room.

     "Hey, stop crying, or whatever you're doing you're loud and mom is calling you." she annouced. "You probably didn't hear it because of your loud crying." she mumbled

     "What?" I turned around and said.

     "Nothing.  She's waiting." she snapped

     "Honey, your father, sister and I are going to a party." my mom said delicuely.

     "Okay, why can't I come?" I said suspiciously

     "The party is for thirteen and up." my mom said sadly.

     "What!  But my birthday is ina week!  Can't you make an acception?!?!" I stood up starting to yell.

     "Sorry Ally, my hands are tied, it's tomorrow." she said

     "Whatever.  What is this 'party' even about?" I said pretending not to care.

     "Colleges.  They wanted 8th to 12th graders to come and look at what college they wanted to go to, except in more of a party way." said my mom

     "But I'm an 8th grader!!  How come I can't go?!?!" I stood up again and started yelling.

     "Like I told you Ally, it's thirteen and up." she tried to explain.

     "So what do I do at this time?" I said doubing that she would answer.

     "Have fun at Grandma's house." Naiomi said sarcasticly

     "Grandma's house?!?!  Why do I have to go there?!"  yelled again.

     "That's not what I was going to say, Ally." she said trying to calm me down.  "I was going to give you some choices.  You could either go to Grandma's house or you could stay here and have the maid and the butler watch you." she said

     "Why do I need them to watch me?!  Aren't I old enough to take care of myself?!" I said loudly

     "Well sort of-" I cut her off

     "Don't even say it." I snapped

     I stormed out and went back to my room and took fell asleep.  I woke up and there was a note on my dresser.  It was from my nanny, Jenna and the note told me that she was going to the party too.  But I finally got to control my anger by looking at my emerald.  We all have them, for our birthstones, I have an emerald for May, Naiomi has a diamond for April, both my parents have their own ruby for July, and Jenna has a saphire for September.  After I put away my jewel I went to the dining room to see that

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