Major Harris. The Journey Of The Lost Stones.

My adventure story is about a boy finding four of his birthstones with his two friends he find's on his journey.


5. The ending is the best!!!!!!

              We all walked in the kitchen and there was a man standing there. The man turned, but it wasn't a man I didn't know. It was my Uncle Stark. I was really surprised because thought he died with my father. He said he had to tell me something that would really upset me. I told him I already knew that you killed my father. came here to get my rings. My Uncle said to me that the only way I was going to get my rings is if fight and kill him. I didn't want to do that, but I had to. I need those stones really bad. Uncle Stark gave me a sword to fight with. couldn't believe that I had to fight my Uncle. We started to fight.  cut him near his side and he started to bleed. This was a risky challenge. He got me in the side too. I had to think of what I was going to do. Uncle said i'm going to finish this and be the richest person. Malaysia thought I needed help, so she jumped on Uncle's back. She tried to hold on, but Uncle wiggled her off and she landed on the edge of the cliff. King tried to help her, but he hurt his hand earlier. Malaysia had to hang on until was done. He jumped up and just stabbed him with the sword in his chest. I killed him. I wish had never fought him. I went and got Malaysia. She was okay, but she hurt her hands. It took us one day to get to the plane. had a great adventure with new girl friend and best friend.

             We all went back to the United States. I introduced my mom to Malaysia and King. She really liked them. told my mom that Malaysia and I are in a relationship. My mom liked her, so she was fine with it. Malaysia moved here and went to NYU. New York University stands for NYU. Malaysia got her degree in singing and acting. King also went to NYU and got his degree in architecture. I went there too and got my degree in acting. Now we hang out with each other everyday and night. I have a great life. I am now married to Malaysia and have two wonderful twins. Named Major JR and Tnicole. I am a famous actor, King is a famous architect, and Malaysia is a famous singer and actress.

                                      The End

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