Major Harris. The Journey Of The Lost Stones.

My adventure story is about a boy finding four of his birthstones with his two friends he find's on his journey.


2. Meeting good friends.

          I woke up and this boy was right in face. He was looking at me like I was a alien. I told him hi and my name is Major. He answered saying hi back to me and his name was King. I asked if he was okay. He told me that he has not seen a person in almost 7 years. I asked him how he has not seen a person in 7 years. We got down from the tree and he told me what happen. He told me that he and his dad were on a  trip hiking in the Amazon. They were going to have dinner and his dad told King to stay there while he went to get dinner. King saw a beautiful butterfly and he followed it. When the butterfly went to its sleeping place. He got lost deep in the amazon. He looked for his father for a long time. He thinks his father was looking for him . He guesses that his father gave up because he thought he was dead. He had to learn to survive on his own. King did that for the past 7 years. We kept talking until we found the plane. I asked King did he want to go with me on the rest of my adventure. He joyfully said yes, he would love to go with me on my adventure. We got on the plane and King asked where are we going. Major said to London, England happily. I told the pilot that were going to London. The pilot  said that is going take 10 hours and its six O'clock. I thought that will be fine because we do not get there until 4 O'clock. We have been flying for hours and hours and I thought we will never get there. I asked the pilot how many more hours we have. He said five more Sir. Thank you I said. I just went to sleep and it would probaly make the trip go faster. I woke up in the next five hours and we were there landing. I was happy that we got there, but we got there at five instead of four. 

        It took us an hour and thirty minutes to get in are hotel and get everything we needed for the journey. We went to the train station to go to the city filled with a lot museum. I saw some people keep on looking at me. I was confused because I don't know anyone from here. I told King that some people were looking at me. The five came up to King and I to ask us about the stones. I told them how did they know about stones. One of the men said that they work for my Uncle Stark. They needed to get the map so my uncle can sell them for a lot of money. I said no really boldly. King told them you all needed to go back to where you came from and leave us alone. We walked away, but they started to follow us. Then we started to speed walk, so they started to speed walk. King and I made a plan to meet each other on the train. We went for it and ran. I went to the left and King went to the right. I ran so fast I bumped into so many things and jumped over things and people. I knocked over 3 people. King called me on the walkie talkie and said I'm getting on the train. I asked him if he lost the  people. He said yea. I was lost in the train station. I saw this cute girl and I asked her where is the train that is going to the city of London quickly please. She said that's where she is going to, so follow her. We both ran and I asked her whats her name. She tells me Malaysia. I told her that's a nice name and that my name is Major. We finally got to the train and I saw King. We made it I told King. He was as happy as me, but then he asked who's that girl looking at you. I told him that was Malaysia. She was the girl that helped me get to this train. King said to me that he thinks that she likes me. I didn't say anything because I like her. When we got off the train we told Malaysia thank you and that were going to Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum. She was so surprised because that's where she is going too.  Since we did not know where the museum was we could just ask Malaysia.  We found the Museum. I thought it was really nice. Now we have to find this stone.   


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