Major Harris. The Journey Of The Lost Stones.

My adventure story is about a boy finding four of his birthstones with his two friends he find's on his journey.


4. Here we come. Africa.

               We left London witch was a great experience. Now were on the plane going to Nigeria, Africa. Nigeria has the Turquoise and Tanzinite. The pilot said that the flight will take eightteen hours. So  Malaysia and I can get to know each other.  can also write more in my journal. Malaysia and I have been talking a lot. We know each other more than we did when we first met.  Malaysia went to sleep and wanted to talk to King. King and I talked about Malaysia and how I was going to ask her out and can she come back to America with me. King told me that I should be myself and just ask her without being scared. Then we started to talk about sports and are favorite teams. Then we both fell asleep. When all of us woke in the morning the pilot said we have three hours left. Since was bored I just watched a movie. watched Poetic Justice. It's a really good movie. Then went to see the pilot and how they work the plane. There is so many things you have to control. I thought I can never be a pilot. Then went to talk to Malaysia. I asked Malaysia if she wanted to come to America with me, also if she wanted to go out with me. Her answers were yes and yes. She said that she was about to ask me that too. told King that Malaysia and I go out with each other now. He was happy for me and that I was myself. We just landed in Nigeria. It's so hot, but beautiful. I told Malaysia and King that we are going to be mainly in the mountains. We got two pairs of clothes, a lot of ropes, water bottles, food, and sleeping bags.

             We started to climb the mountain. It was not easy, but it was not really difficult. It looked like we were almost done, so we got to stop. It was late, so we started to get are sleeping things out. While we were getting the things out. saw a big mountain lion. I told them I'll be right back. I went to go and kill that lion. I followed it's every move until it stopped. tried to jump on it's back, butjumped to far. I landed on my back, but I quickly got up. The lion jumped out at me and I stabbed it near the chest. It fell back and got right back up. I thought of an idea to let lion off the mountain. I walking in circles and the lion did the same thing. The lion was on the edge of mountain. I started to run to it and it backed up. The lion fell off and died when it landed on the ground. I went back to the place where we are sleeping at. Malaysia and King were sleeping. I ate some food and went to sleep. When it was morning we had fruits. They asked me what took so long yesterday. I said was fighting with a mountain lion. They were so surprised that I fought a lion. Then I told them the story when I fought an anaconda. They told me that was the bravest person they know. We started to get back to climbing the mountain. We stopped for a minute to see where we were on the map. The map said we were at least 2 miles away. We finally stopped climbing after thirty minutes. We were in the little cave that the map told us to go. We did not see the stones or anyone in it. The cave had a lot of furniture, but no one was in it. 

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