Major Harris. The Journey Of The Lost Stones.

My adventure story is about a boy finding four of his birthstones with his two friends he find's on his journey.


3. Having a great time!!

           There was a door that said old room of Alexander Fleming.  So we tried to go in there, but the janitor saw and told us not to go in there. We saw another sign further down that said "Janitors clothing room." I told Malaysia and King that we should go in there and dress like janitor, so we can in Mr.Fleming room. We all changed are clothes and went into the other room. We all kept are eyes out to see a statue of him. When we turned into the corner I tripped over a cord. I looked back and yelled Booby trap! We ran while the darts were shooting at us. One almost hit Malaysia, but I told her to duck. She ducked and the dart missed and yelled back to me thank you vey much. We got past the darts and Malaysia thought we were done. King heard a stampede of little animals. King looked back and saw so many rats. The rats were poison because they were the black ones. We ran  faster then we did when the darts were shooting at us. We have been running for a long time, so I thought of a plan. Then I saw a long rope. I  then saw three more, so I told them to grab those one of those ropes on three. We grabbed the ropes and we were able to swing over them while the rats were still running. Malaysia said  finally no more booby traps. Then after walking thirty minutes King found the statue and we found the ring with the stone on it. We grabbed the ring off his finger and all of a sudden the walls started to close in. We all ran out of the room, but I dropped the ring. I went back into the room to get it. I got it, but I could have been trapped. Now know one can go into that room because its not a room anymore.

             We put on are regular clothes and left. When we got back to the hotel I thought we should take a break for one day. I told Malaysia, and King that were taking a break. King was really tired, so he went to take a shower and went to sleep. I told Malaysia that I was going to go to the fair. She wanted to  know if she could go to? I   told her of course you can come, but Im going with some friends that are here from the United States. We went together, but not as a couple as friends. We both looked really nice. When I saw my friends from high school I was happy. I introduced them to my friends Chris, Rihanna, Nicki, Drake, TI,  Dynesha, Deja, Tyga, Princeton and Xuleyka. Malaysia looked like she was really happy meeting. The night was really good. The girls went to talk. Malaysia told the girls that she liked me and she did not know what to do. The girls told her to talk to him and be herself. They came out the bathroom and told us boys that we should go on the London eye. We went on the ride and two got to go on each little pod. Malaysia and I went on the same pod and we actually talked without us being nervous. She told me that she liked me and she wanted to know me more. I told her the same thing. We got to know more about each other and we connected with each other. Malaysia told the girls and I told the guys. They were happy for the both of us. We went home because it was really late.

          The next morning King ordered us some Cream of Wheat. King gave us a paper that had the things we were going to do today. It said: see the changing of the guards, the Queen, Big Ben, a play, and the Buckingham palace. I thought that was a lot of things, but we were having a break. We had to leave London by six. Its is twelve O'clock, so we have six hours. We ate and then we all got dressed. First we went to the changing of the guards it was fun, but King caused a problem. He went to take a picture behind the horse and everyone started to follow him. Second we went to see Queen Elizabeth. She is a really respectful and nice woman. Third we went to see the Big Ben. That was the tallest clock I've ever seen. Fourth we went to a play called the Wicked. It was a good play. The play's mood felt happy and sad. Fifth we went to a famous restaurant called Barbecoa. It was really nice and elegant place. Last but not least we went to the hotel to get are things and we left London. 



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