Major Harris. The Journey Of The Lost Stones.

My adventure story is about a boy finding four of his birthstones with his two friends he find's on his journey.


1. Just the beginning

                  Hi, My name is Major Harris and I am 17 years old. One day I had a project about my 4 birthstones. I asked my mom if she had knew anything about my birthstones. She respond really quite voice.told her speak a little louder. She said okay. She told me everything that happened. She told me how my father died, how my Uncle Stark took the stones and hid it, and how he left the country. She said I had to find it. NOW. This is how my story started. Just so you all know I am writing in my journal.                  

                      I graduated from Richard Montgomery High School. I was valedictorian of my class. I am really smart, so when I go on my adventure I would know where I am going. After my graduation I went to the store to get everything I needed. When I was finished I remembered that I had to get pictures of the stones. I went home and there was a big surprise party for my graduation and for my journey. A lot of people were so proud of me. I felt the love and the joy that they all gave me. When the party was over I had to go straight to sleep because I wanted to start early in the morning. When I woke up my mom surprised me with my own plane and flight attendance.  I was really happy because did not have to fly a plane that I cant fly. I got dressed and packed all the things I needed. I gave my mom a big kiss and my little sister ( Robin) a big hug and said take care of mom. left, so I looked at the map and told the pilot that we are going to Brasilia, Brazil. When we were in the air the pilot said, there will be thunder storms on the left side of us.  I thought we will be fine. Five hours later we landed in the Amazon. I told the pilot thank you. I looked into the map and it told me the four stones I had to find. The map said I had to find the Turquoise, Tanzinite, Zircon, and Blue Topaz. Now I have to find the Zircon I told them to stay in the airplane encase don't come back within two days to three days. I started to search the Amazon where most of the trees were. I looked at the map and there was three parts for three countries. I thought to myself that the person that made this map is an artist and is intelligent. After looking for the stones it started getting dark. So I just found a place to sleep high in the trees.

                     In the morning I found some banana's to eat. I got down from the the tree and started to search again. I searched, searched, searched, and searched. I was about to give up, but then I tripped over something and a little rock came out from the ground and I saw the stone. I was happy I started doing my happy dance. When tried to reach it an anaconda almost bit my hand off. I was shocked that saw an anaconda. I thought to myself I cant just run it will chase. Instead I just pulled out my large knife and started to fight it. I stabbed it in the neck, but the anaconda still would not die. I ran to the side and jumped on its back. I got bit by it in my arm a couple of times, but I was fine. I got on its back and I stabbed it in its  Throat at least 30 times and it died. Finally I killed the snake. I made sure nothing was coming at me so I looked first. Then I grabbed the stone really quickly. I checked the Zircon off my list. I started to walk back. After two hours it started to get dark. So I found a place to sleep.       











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