The island-ture

When 4 friends find a magic rock and it leads to a magic portal to anthor demention is a island called island-ture and the antagonist becomes good and finds out a dark secert that one of the friends have a relationship with the antagonist.


1. The Welcome...

Hi, my name is Makayla and i'm 12 yrs old and this is my story. One day Makayla and her three friends (Aqua,Magenta and John) go to Krintsah Hiegths middle school. After school they all walk to Makayla's house and this rock falls out of the sky and Aqua picks it up and takes it in Makayla's room. The rock pops and cracks and has a secret portal.Makayla and her friends going to the portal they all fell in a black hole. they fall into a wet empty muddy ground with a lot of trees. John said", I'm scared girls", I know"said Magenta.

"Well,lets start hiking"said Makayla,"ok"said Aqua,magenta,and John."Which way should we go"says Aqua  "North" said John,"No,south"said Magenta,"How about you make compromise "said Makayla. "East or west"said Aqua, Everyone said,"East'',''Lets go East,then"said Makayla.Then they all went East and saw a cave behind a water fall and they went in and saw gems on one side of the room and on the other side there were a bunch of rocks and coal.

Aqua said"Lets just stay here until someone tries to rescue us''.John said"Great,sure that's find ,but how about if nobody finds us",Makayla said ''We just have to make a living''.Then they all split up to find food,an hr later....Makayla found coconuts, Aqua found water, Magenta found grapes and berries, John got water and bird seeds.Then they started to eat the food and saw a shadow of a girl out side, they all hid on the dark side of the cave were the coals were. This lady came in and said in and said hello is anybody here, my name is Katie can someone help me, they all came out and said hi, are names are Makayla, Aqua, Magenta,and John.

Makayla said ''Do you want to stay with us", Katie said ''Sure and who's gems are those''.Aqua said "They were her when we crashed landed her so I think they were here all along'', (Ohh..yes I found them now I can ruin there lives and make them my servant also, I founds them gems and i'm going to steal it.) Katie Thought in her head.Then they Made themselves a home and got leaves and wood a made a bed but  Katie didn't help they made it for her because she is new.

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