The island-ture

When 4 friends find a magic rock and it leads to a magic portal to anthor demention is a island called island-ture and the antagonist becomes good and finds out a dark secert that one of the friends have a relationship with the antagonist.


2. The Revenge of Nothing

Katie wanted all of them to suffer and to weaken so they could be tired and steal the gems, so when they fall asleep she took some of the gems and put it in her castle. Then  she came back and had some real food like(chocolate, candy, chips, and soda) and she ate it and left the trash there so they can pick it up and she fell asleep. The next morning they all woke up and thought there was a bear attack except for Katie she knew she did it so the made a gate/fence out of wood,so no one can come in expect for them. Then they all went to go explore the island, Magenta asked " What is this island called Katie''. Katie said"Its called island-ture island', '' Cool '' said John, " So what are the gems used for "asked Makayla. I don't know but if you don't want it I will have them'' said Katie, Maybe we can give you some'' said Aqua, when they all came back to the cave they gave Katie a bunch of gems about (110 GEMS) after Katie got them she ran out of the cave to the castle and brought more gems to the castle so now she has about 222 gems. Katie knew the gems were a symbol of money, it makes you rich 1 gems is 100 dollars in the USA so she kept the secret about the gems to herself because if anyone knows about the gems they will be rich and not Katie, so Katie is going to try to take all of the gems from Aqua, Makayla, Magenta, and John.

Katie went back to the cave and told them she just needed air. Then they went to get food, but of course Katie didn't help then Makayla said ''Come on and help Katie'' and Katie said '' Can I rest but, maybe later ''. Then the other 4 found water and food and made a fire out of wood and coal so, we can get toasty and John said '' I'm going to catch a fish''. So when john went out Katie pushed him in the water and John called ''help'' ''help'', i'm drowning so Aqua jumped in and help John because she is the only one that can swim, so Makayla used her sewing skills to make a blanket out of leaves and Makayla made peppermint tea for John out of hot water and peppermint leaves.  Magenta said " What happened when you fell in the water and how it happened'', John said I don't know it felt like someone pushed but maybe i just tripped on a rock'','' well....''Aqua said  ''I will just catch the fish since i'm a good swimmer''. So she came back with 2 fish and they roasted it so they can eat it. Then they all fell asleep and Katie took more gems and put it in her castle.

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