The island-ture

When 4 friends find a magic rock and it leads to a magic portal to anthor demention is a island called island-ture and the antagonist becomes good and finds out a dark secert that one of the friends have a relationship with the antagonist.


3. The rescue & recover

That next morning.......... they got up and decided to take a hike and to take another explore and this bunny comes up and Magenta picks it up to and cuddles it and it spits acid at her and she starts coughing and hacking and she passes out. Makayla picks her up and took her back to the cave and John, Aqua, and Katie keep walking and Katie was eating peanuts and a bear comes, and John told him to move and the bear punched John in the stomach and he fell and he crouched to the cave. Aqua and Katie kept walking and Aqua saw a Python and she didn't make a move so then she saw the head move then, she ran as fast as she could and it caught her and bit her and then Makayla tired to find Aqua to see if she was ok with Katie,.....30 minutes later so find Aqua on the floor and Katie is gone. Makayla asked Aqua '' Are you ok and were's Katie'', Aqua said '' Yah i'm ok but I don't know were Katie is and I've got venom in my leg''.

So they all went back to the cave and only Makayla didn't get hurt on the journey so Makayla had to wrap the cuts and wounds. So she wrapped and bandaged it, now she said they had to rest. 2 hr. and 12 min. later, Makayla woke John, Aqua, and Magenta up and she checked out all of there cuts and wounds to make sure it was alright. John and Magenta's was healed and ok, but not Aqua's so Makayla made some of her grandmother old secret recipe tea that healed anything and the recipe is for the woods also because her grandma tough her when she went to the woods and how to make it. It was called mint-iced hot tea it had hot water, mint leaves or crushed mint, sugar leaves, and iced cool leaves. So Makayla made some of her grandmas tea because her grandma said it could heal anything, when she made some she put it on Aqua's cut/wound and Makayla wrapped it again an 1 hr. later. Aqua said she said it felt better, Makayla took the bandage off and when she took it off it was glowing bright yellow and it was bubbly. So she did not know what to do so she tried to think when she got her last cut or wound at her grandmas house, she was thinking and thinking and thinking about and finally she got it. Makayla remembered when she fell out of her grandma's tree and her grandma put her special tea on the mint-iced hot tea on the big cut and after she put some of her mint-iced hot tea on the big cut and after she put a hot towel on Makayla's leg for 1 minute until it turned cold, then she let Makayla rest it for 15 min.then Makayla was fine. So Makayla did just that she took a  towel that she found in her Jacket pocket and boiled it and put it on Aqua's leg until it go cold and she let her rest it for 15 min on her leave log bed that she made. So, Aqua said '' Thank you Makayla for all of your help'', Makayla said''That are what friends are for you would of have did the same thing for me because we are best friends forever''.

When Aqua felt better she said '' Thank you ,Thank you ,Thank you'', she gave Makayla a big hug. Makayla, Magenta, and John went to go get food and left Aqua there because she just got over a pain and injury. So they left and Makayla was thinking [Were did Katie go], John said '' Do you guys think Katie planned this whole trip'', Magenta said '' Like what do you mean''.'' Well, you know me being pushed in the water, and me and you getting hurt and why didn't Makayla didn't get hurt, or is she trying to put a big curse on you John said'', Makayla said'' Why, and John she is not a witch you know''. Magenta said'' Makayla you don't know that for sure it could be true or she might be the ruler of this island you never know or maybe a stranger on this island that has another shelter and is just using us but that's my prediction ''. Makayla said '' That might be true but we never know'', John said '' Cool prediction, Yah!, but we don't know you might be right''.

When they got back to there home ( cave that is there home/shelter right now), Makayla found some mint leaves, and some berries, Magenta found coconuts and pineapples, John found mango's, grapes, and some banana's. Then they all put it together and Aqua made a fruit salad, Makayla made mint tea, and Magenta and John prepared the table and the food to eat. After they were all talking an they were all talking about how they all missed there families and how worried all of there families are about there children and were  would they be. Then they went to bed and didn't even worry about Katie because they knew that she planned all of the problems on this trip so they fell asleep.


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