The island-ture

When 4 friends find a magic rock and it leads to a magic portal to anthor demention is a island called island-ture and the antagonist becomes good and finds out a dark secert that one of the friends have a relationship with the antagonist.


5. The leaving

''Well, were leaving you want to go with us to heights  town so you can meet are family and my cousin  are going to  be there exspically my cousin shayare she lost her daughter 1 year ago. Katie said ''that's  my moms name''.   '', Makayla said ''on,cool'',let me break this rock to get back home.....they stepped in.Then they ended up back at Makayla house and when they got back Makayla s  mom gave her a big hug and said '' i'm so glad you came back and Makayla s friends went back home and their mom said the same thing .Shayne stop and said Katie my daughter i missed you so much thank you Makayla. Makayla said ''That was my great adventure.

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