The island-ture

When 4 friends find a magic rock and it leads to a magic portal to anthor demention is a island called island-ture and the antagonist becomes good and finds out a dark secert that one of the friends have a relationship with the antagonist.


4. The finding

In the morning, Aqua woke up and went and woke up Makayla because she heard something, then Makayla heard it and woke up John and John heard it and woke up Magenta up and then they all heard it and they were all looking around the cave and the saw a shadow and when they turned around the shadow person took all gems and left. So they took some supplies that the shadow person left like the grappling hook, a laser beam, a knife cutter, and shooter alarm set. Then they left, and 45 min. later they found a castle with a large 9 ft. long bridge a it was made out of pure gold and it took at least 5 min. to cross ,then when they got to the castle they rang the door bell to see if the shadow person was at this castle and if that person was in there cave and took most of are gems and ask what are these gems for and if the shadow person took it why did they take it .

Then a snake guard answered the door in a deep voice '' What do you you need ''. Aqua asked '' Is Katie here''. The snake guard said '' We speak of no Katie but if we did how do you know a girl named Katie''.John said well, because she crashed at are cave and..........''Wait'' the snake guard said '' Why did she crash land''. ''We don't know why she crash landed she said she needed a place to live, she said she was lost'', John said '' Can I please finish the story so when Katie crash landed she didn't do anything and then we lost her and I think she came back for some gems that's why we came here to see if she is here''. Makayla said ''What are the gems for Mrs.Snake guard''. ''It's an ancient secret and legend has it that who ever knows about the secret should always remain it a secret until they die, but if I ever told what the gems are foe they couldn't tell or we all will get band from this island by the volcano queen who is the volcano castle queen know one knows'' said the snake guard.

''Thank you'' said Makayla, Magenta said '' For all your advice''. Aqua asked '' Where's the volcano''.''Turn around the corner, go in the island-ture forest, go over the black river, and climb the hot island-ture volcano'' said the snake guard. John said ''Thanks for the directions we will need these to find Katie''. Well, I hope you find Katie'', the snake guard said . '' Thanks'', said Aqua. So they turned the corner and saw a rabbit and started to run, into the island-ture forest and it felt like someone was following  them in the forest they looked back and no one was there except for trees and bushes and the sky was also getting darker and they looked  back and  they saw a big ape blocking there way. Magenta  told Makayla in her ear ''I  know how to talk ape''.  

Then the ape picked up magenta ans she said ''Ogga hogo   michi bogo tingy jobogi enti og egi tingi bodji gogi Fuji {That means, nice to meet you but were trying to get out of this forest}''. The ape said '' Zippo chi outo gemi miga sene {That means, sorry I thought you were hunters}''. Then the ape let her down gently and they left and they left out of the forests an they went into the black river and they used the grappling hook to the long tree to zip line to the other side and Makayla said ''I'm scared of height and i'm more scared of that black river it looks like if something drops in it will get eaten''.John said '' Not to worry I will throw a tissue and to see what it does''. So John threw the tissue in the black river and it looked like it was getting swallow down and John went across by monkey baring and then Makayla did the same exact thing and got over her fear of heights.

Then Aqua stepped back a she went throw a long piped tunnel and she ended up on the other side with John and Makayla. Then Magenta looked down and went in to and she ended up also on the other side, after they were all on the one side they all started to walk when Aqua saw something coming out the black river. Makayla said '' Help the black gunk got me and it is taking me down then Aqua took down the laser beam and Makayla used all the strength she got and Magenta used the knife cutter and John used the shooter alarm clock. Makayla finally got out and when she did John threw the shooter alarm clock  and the black gunk blew up and they all started to run as fast as they could to get out of the black river and to go to the volcano castle.

They walked 5 minutes on a straight path and they came  to the  volcano  and used the graphing hook to climb  the 15 ft volcano. 10 minutes later....they got to the top and looked down and Makayla took a close  look and John said  ''be care full Makayla  don't fall in'',  and Makayla said ''ok i wont''. Makayla took the look and fell in and they said '' Are ok ''. Makayla said'' Yah,Come in''. Then they were all in the Volcano Castle and They heard a deep voice and it said '' Now you are my servant'',Makayla said ''Who are you''. The voice person stepped out and they all said it's Katie and she said I was planning this whole trip'', and they said ''why'', Katie said '' Well, because i'm very lonely and I have been on this island for a year and been doing thing to get rich but I got tired and that's why I stole the gems but, I've would never do nothing that bad and it just got to me i'm very sorry for everything can we friends'', ''Sure'', Makayla said. 





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