Photograpihc Love <3

A Story about a photographer thaat is beung stalked and Ends up Falling in love with her bodygurad sent by the Police.


3. Will she Or Will she Not?

     Yes! He I Will Send a body guard who will protect yhu at all times.Okay?" asked the women of thhe phone

    "Thank You so much , what was your name again? Asked Vanessa smiling

    "Helen,Helen Perez" Said Helen

    "Well Thank you so much Helen " thankfully said Vanessa smiling

     "Should i Send  the Body Guard for You  because it seems your  just stand  there." said helen

 " Well Yes please ,that would be very helpful. I'mAt the National Geographic building of Nicaragua " Said Vanessa.

     "Right away , you body guard is on his way dont worry Vanessa." Said Helen on the phone

     "Thank you Helen god bless you " said vanesdsa with a Smile

     "no problem Its my job" said Vanessa also Smiling and happy to help.

So Vanessa waited  for 20 minutes  on the crib fore the body buard when he arrived 

     "Hi I'm Ethan Vargas.I Will be Your body guard." said Ethan

     "Well Hi I'm Vanessa Woozley, Thank you  so much for being my body guard. I really appreciate it

a lot!" Said Vanessa with a smile on her face she had never had with anyone else.

     "Okay, so where to first?" asked Ethan


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