Photograpihc Love <3

A Story about a photographer thaat is beung stalked and Ends up Falling in love with her bodygurad sent by the Police.


5. Volcane Masaya to San Juan del Sur

So Vanessa and Ethan got to the Top of vol-cane Masaya, it was the most beautiful view. There was a sparkly blue sky, with a 5 mph wind with no smoke from  the volcane. Which meant she went on the perfect day to take pictures of the magnificent landmark that was Vol-cane Masaya. So Vanessa first went to the very top of the steps that there was by the side of the volcano like 8 feet away. But enough for a perfect  pictures. So the way Vanessa first started she was at the top  she wanted to take pictures making her way down so from that angle that she was in.She could actaully see the Lava bubbling from where she was standing. But the lower she went the less she could see the red hot lava sizzling . Each picture , the sunny blue sky came out in the background.They were truly a piece of asrt work in the camera!Vanessa took plenty of great phoros which took about 2 hours. So when they finished at around 6:00p.m. .

     "I Think i could honestly call it a day its been a hard and long day" Said Vanessa

     " I agree with you,would you to for me to take you home Ms. Woozley?" asked Ethan with an exhausted look on his face

     "Are you hungry Ethan ?" Asked Vanessa

    "Yes,but i could wait until i get home,no worries Vanessa,but thanks for asking!" said Ethan

     "Non-sense Ethan,Would you like to join me to Blue Merlin,its in Zona costena Paseo del Rey , San Juan Del Sur Rivas 505." said Vanessa

     "They have a boardwalk with hotels we could stay in one of the hotels,so that way when we walke up we can eat breakfast and then go take some picures of the sunlight meeting the horizon in the sparkly Blue ocean like that Sprakling blue eyes of a baby.

     "Sounds great, should we go now?" asked Ethan.

     "Yes so we could make it around 7:30 p.m." Answered Vanessa. So Vanessa and Ethan got in thier car and made thier way to San Juan Del Sur .

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