Photograpihc Love <3

A Story about a photographer thaat is beung stalked and Ends up Falling in love with her bodygurad sent by the Police.


4. The Word To The Mom

     Vanessa had a kind of butterflies that she couldnt understand. She smiled and said "Volcane Masaya,please so i can get started on my book."

     "No problem let's go! I love going to the landmarks." said Ethan with a huge smile to know they both have something in common.but him too had that butterfly feeling.

     So on the way to the  Volcane Masaya Vanessa called her mom , rrrring rrrrinngg.

     " Hello Vanessa ,ce paso corazon." said Joanna ,Vanessa's mom.

      " Mama i called to tell you that I press charges on the man mom that has been stalking me for the past 2 months. Remeber the one i told yhu!" Vanessa said nervous on what her mom was gonna respond to what she had just found out :/.

       "Well I'm proud of you sweetie,what did the police tell yhu and do about it ?  Said Joanna

        " Gracias Mama, oh well they sent a body guard Named Ethan Vargas he is very sweet mom!" Vanessa said blushing away from Ethan.

        "Put me on speaker,Now!" Said Joanna seriously

Vanessa was scared on what she was gonna say to Ethan yhu make him feel wierd but she did it anyway.

        "Hello. Hi My Name is Joanna Woozley ,Vanessa's Mom." said Joanna said on speakerphone

        "Well hello there mam, I am Ethan Rose I will protect your daughter i give yhu my deepest word." said Ethan smiling at Vanessa.

        While Vanessa was too busy blushing away her mom said " Well i trust and have a good feeling so please she is my one and only daughter. She's a Capricorn ,with an attitude! Well ill leave you too ,I'm at the mercado! Bye!"



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