Photograpihc Love <3

A Story about a photographer thaat is beung stalked and Ends up Falling in love with her bodygurad sent by the Police.


2. New Job?

     "No not at all " Answered Me Freiss

     " I Would Like to propose you a job."

     "Oh My ,Mr Freiss I'm flattered what my this job be ?" asked Vanessa.

     "Would You Like To Tavel All around Nicargua ,coast to coast!" Proposed Me Freiss

     " My Golly Thats Alot of places Mr. Freiss." Said Vanessa

     " Oh Please all I Need would be two landmarks for each state,i will also give yhu a bonus." said Mr Freiss

     "Well how could I Say no to that,I Accept!" said Vanessa

     "Okay well in days you will have a taxi to where you need to go, is that fine and in 12 Days i will except the book."

     "No problem sir." answered Vanessa

     "Well your excused Vanessa,Good luck." with a smile said Mr Freiss.

     "My where should I start Monte Li Mar,San Juan Del Sur , Volcane Masaya." thought with a grint Vanessa.

So Vanessa wanted to get started rite away. So she got a taxi home.but when Vanessa Got a taxi,she knew him ." Your that kid , um....Jake!" yelled Vanessa

    "You stalkin me?" Asked Vanessa

     "Um....No.... I just met you,Vanessa Woozley!" said "Jake"

     "I Never told you my last name!!!!!!" Vanessa yelled in panic

      " I'm calling the cops!" claimed Vanessa while getting out of the car.

     "Good Luck trying to find me!" Said "Jake" While driving away.

But While "jake" was getting away Vanessa managed to get  her phone out and take a pic of  his lisense plate.As soon as he left and was out of sight Vanessa kept her phone out and called the police.

     "helo police,iwould like to Press charges on a taxi cab driver!" Said Vanessa in a paniced voice through the phone.

     "what has the Taxi driver done miss?" asked the person on the phone.

     "I Dont know how to explain it but I Feel kinda Stalked." Vanessa answered to the lady on phone with embrassment.

     "Stalked? What do yhu mean by stalked , Miss." the lady on the phone responded

Vanessa answered "He Has been following me  place to place every minute of everyday.When I wake up he is there selling bread,When I Travel he  is has a taxi cab.He also has a different name and style each time." explained Vanessa.

     "Well yes Miss he is certenly stalking you. May i please get your information so I May press charges.Name? asked the women now sure of what Vanessa What talking about.

     "Vanessa,Vanessa Woozley" Vanessa Said still paniced.

     "Would you have happned to have the mans name?"

     "Yes,ummmm his name is Jake,Jake Rodrigez" said Vanessa

      "Did  you get a pciture or write down his lisnese plate numbers by any chance?"

      "Yes, I did The numbers Are 1A2B3C" said vansessa relief that she took that picuture.

       " um honey?"

       "Yeah" said vanessa

       "This Car Is stolen property Its also belongs the Kevin Correa,He digisives hiself as different people and takes people to the dessert and leaves them there." Said the women on the phone

       " Haasnt the police ever caght him yet!" Said Vanessa franticall asked .

Of Course we have but only once,but he escaped the day right after we had caught him!"

     " Well im a Photographer for National Geographic.I Have a Big Job Should I Still Go?" Vanessa Asked the women on the phone.




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