Photograpihc Love <3

A Story about a photographer thaat is beung stalked and Ends up Falling in love with her bodygurad sent by the Police.


7. Last Chapter to happy ending

Well Its 2013 , After the tsnami that Vannessa had a vision about. Well the tsnami certainly did happen! But since its been a year later they hhave had the tsnami. Well Vanessa knew what she wanted for herself. She knew she wanted a family and she had one WIth could yhu guess who. Ethan Vargas which made her Vanessa Vargas. Vanessa had got  her book done and ready for her boss Mr Freiss and They had finally catched  that Kevin Correa and sent to jail for 20 years. So Vanessa acaully had a happy ending at the end of everything . :) <3

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