Photograpihc Love <3

A Story about a photographer thaat is beung stalked and Ends up Falling in love with her bodygurad sent by the Police.


6. Is The Ngihtmare Gonna Became Real?

So Vanessa and Ethan made it to San Juan Del Sur.  They Staid at the hotel "Santa Maria." It was farely small bur very cozy to be in.There was a pool , a bar,and a restaurant that served breakfast and dinner.So Ethan went to check n for both of them.

      He walked over and said "Hola, my name Ethan Vargas,um, may I Please get 2 rooms for me and the one also for the miss." Ethan told the man at the register.

     The Man at the register looked up at Ethan and said "Well we only have one more room that has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom is in the middle would that be fine?"

     Ethan looked back at Vanessa at the door and said, " Vanessa  there is one more room with tweo bedrooms and a bathroom in the middle of them both,is that fine?"

     " Yes It's fine" said Vanessa

    Ethan Looked back at the man at the register and said " Yes Ill take it ,Thank you.How Muich does it come out to?" he asked

     "Okay very well,your total be  1200 cordovas." the man at the register said told Ethan

     "Vanessa the man said  its going to be 1200 cordovas , how ould we like to pay?" ask ethan to Vanessa

     " um Well 50 50 Yhu Pay 600 and ill pay 600 cordovas.Sounds good?" Vannessa asked Ethan

     "Yes it sounds fine!" Ethan responded with a smile .

Vanessa gave the man 600 and so did Ethan. Vanessa went to her room. Went to put her purse and made some coffe.

    "Would you like  go eat now Ethan?" Vanessa Asked

     " Yes im Quite hungry" answered Ethan grinning

      "Well,what are we waiting for ? Lets Go!"

Vanessa and Ethan took a walk the boardwalk to see what they would both like to eat .They was a seafood place and a mexican restuarant.

     "What would you like to eat Ms Woozley?" Ethan asked But in a serious tone

      " Please, call me Vanessa and um how about Mexican  because thats the type of food they sell at Blue Merlin?" asked Vanessa

     "Wel let's go then!" answered Ethan going along with what Vanessa

Vanessa and Ethan walked into the restuarant noticing that their stairs leading to the beach at the end of the restuarant. So when they walked in a Young Men Greeted them.

     "Hi , my name is Mario. I wiil be your waiter tonight, may i offer anything to drink?" Mario said

     "Well nice to meet you I'm Ethan Vargas and this is  Vanessa Woozley"Said  Ethan

      "Would you both like something to drink?" asked again the waiter

   "Um,may I Please have a nice and cold coca cola please" Said Ethan

   "Yes rite away, right away how about you Miss Woozley" ASked Mario

  "I Will have the same please ,Thank you" SAid Vanessa

   "Very Well , Ill Bring it in just a moment Miss WoozleyOh I amost forgot to tell you that you guys can go at anytime to the beach just down those stairs" Mario said piontig to the stairs at te end of the restuarant.

So of course Vanessa wanted to go get her feet wet sice she was wearing shortd and flip flops and so was Ethan.

   "Hey Ethan I Kinda wanna go to the beach and juts get my feet wet. WOuld you like to come as well Ethan?"Vanesa Asked on her way down the couple steps.

   "Yes,I was going to ask you that!Yes i would love to ,after you." Ethan jestured down the stairs .

Its was like a quarter mile to the water. So Vanessa took her camera and took many pictures of the wavescrashing slowly to ground with alot of pressure like a boxer with his punching bag.While Ethan admiring the moonlight on the horizon ,it looked like a flashlight in the darkness.

     "Do you know how to swim?" asked Vanessa to Ethan Smiling.

     "Yes  I Would have to in case of any emergency. How about you, do you know to swim." asked Ethan

     "Yes,well kinda, I Know how to swim just not float." said Vanesa when of a sudden this wave reach them. Vanessa suddenly stopped and just was standing there frozen.  While a whole lot of pictures were going through her mind  which clearly stating that there was tsuanmi. Then Like 5 mintues later she came back to normal.

     "Ethan i Think i just had a vision that there is going to be a tsnumi right now we need to get out of here ASAP.  So They both ran out of the reataruant hold hands and went to Santa Maria and got three couple stuff and got in the car . When  suddenly they felt the ground shake well they made lefts and rights there out San Juan Del Sur while The Tsnuami was making its way up the city. PSOOOSHHHH!






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