Are you sure that wasn't a dream?

It's an adventure story, bucko!


10. With A Bang

Let me say that today started with a bang. I woke up when our raft hit a building. Then Beaver literally stabbed breakfast (I was getting tired of fish). Bill decided that he was going to make a xylophone with the fishbones. When you really look at it Tokyo looks the same as it did minus the water, just less people.

Suddenly through Beaver's grinding fishbone music came the cackling I was tired of. Still though (if only for effect) I jumped. It was hard to believe he survived, but he survived alright.  At that point i didn't even want to say the name Tyrone Jansen. Sometimes you just don't want revenge. "Well," he said, "your time is up!" With that he sprang onto our raft. "Can't...untie...raft," said Bill. Jansen had a large slice mark on the top of his head which made me wonder.

He slashed his sword at my neck. Luckily, I ducked away and slashed at him. He lashed back with a mighty blow which would have killed me, had he not used the wrong end of the sword. I lashed back, then fell into the water. I tried to trip him, but I failed. Suddenly everything was on slow motion. I lunged with such force, that he was knocked back into the water. Beaver stabbed blindly until he said he found something. His sword came up bloody as if it just killed someone. 

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