Are you sure that wasn't a dream?

It's an adventure story, bucko!


9. Water City

I was interrupted by a big splash, and then, "I caught it!" It was the biggest fish I had ever seen. At first, I thought it was some kid's toy or something.  It was crowded, as we floated along the streets. We saw other people, and Beaver tried (with no luck) to catch fish with his sword. We floated through shops. Eventually, we cut up the fish and ate it. Soon, we started to use driftwood as paddles. Soon, it was night,and we all slept for a long time. I was floating in and out of dreams, when suddenly, "Wake up! Santa Claus camel!" It was Beaver.  "Ha Ha," he said. "Gotcha." Well since I was awake I decided to make breakfast.  The problem was there was nothing to make for breakfast. Beaver offered to catch some fish, but I told him to save his energy.

It was another day with no events except that Beaver fell in twice, and caught a fish in the process. Other than that, absolutely nothing happened. We saw no one at all. We saw only water, miles and miles of water, and things that were flooded. "Yes," I said to myself, "today nothing happened."     

What seemed like a week passed. Here's how it went: Day 1: Beaver caught two fish. Beaver fell in once, and I paddled. Day 2: Nothing happened. Day 3: We passed some people in a raft like ours today. Day 4: Saw two rescue helicopters (Beaver spotted them). We didn't waive like maniacs because we didn't want to be rescued. Day 5: Today wasn't as boring because me and Beaver swam around. At first it was hard to believe we were swimming around in the streets of Tokyo. Day 6: The raft fell apart today (twice), once when we hit a big rock, and another time when I attempted to swim. Day 7: I saw a rescue helicopter today. I feel bad that I didn't tell the others because things are getting a little cramped. 


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