Are you sure that wasn't a dream?

It's an adventure story, bucko!


4. The tunnel

We shoved the rock aside, to find a tunnel big enough to crawl through.It was cramped inside as we went through it."This must be an Aboriginal tunnel,*" I said.

There were many cave paintings in the tunnel, and we crawled for what seemed like days.When Beaver suddenly exclaimed,"I see something and it's alive!".

"Oh don't worry," I said," It's probably just your imagination, and stop tickling me."

"I wasn't tickling you, why would I?", asked Beaver.

"Hey, look, what I found: a fuzzball!" I said.

"That's no fuzzball." said Beaver,"It's a Wombat.

"A  walnut?", I asked.

"No," he said,"A Wombat."

"Oh,"I said.

W crawled on for a bit more. Until Beaver thought he saw light. Suddenly we were squinting through sunlight.It looked as though we had barged in on some sort of Koala eating party, and I almost wanted to apologize. 

"Whoa!,"said Beaver.

We had never been to Australia before and aside from the Kangaroos we almost killed, this was our first glimpse of Australian wildlife.    











* The Aboriginals were the first Austrailians (think Native Americans).

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