Are you sure that wasn't a dream?

It's an adventure story, bucko!


6. Snapped out of it (#1)

Suddenly I felt like the life had been knocked out of me. We were in the Eucalyptus forest again and I had a Koala on my head.

"Wow,"said Beaver,"That was GREAT !"

"I feel sad.," I said 

I actually sat down, cried and wiped my face on the Koala.

"Let's pack some Eucalyptus leaves for the Koala and leave!" said Beaver.

An hour later we were in the desert again. A sea plane buzzed above us, landed, and almost killed us.

A man got out of the plane.

"Are you the two people  in the helicopter crash?" he asked us.

"Yes, we are,"said Beaver.

"Where do you need to go?" said the man.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"Japan. said the man."

Another hour later we were sitting in Tokyo International Airport, discussing where to go. When a man came up to us, "Get moving!"he said.

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