Are you sure that wasn't a dream?

It's an adventure story, bucko!


5. How do we find it?

"How do we find it?" I asked Beaver. 

"I don't know."said Beaver,"I didn't find out in my dream,"

Suddenly I felt a magnetic pull, and was pulled into a Eucalyptus tree. Then I was pulled into the Eucalyptus tree.Here's the crazy part when I whacked into the tree it didn't even hurt, was just sucked into it. Then, Beaver and I were sucked into a sort of hallway. Then we were sucked into a room where a man sat.

"Aah, I'm glad you came in," he said."Well,  I suppose it was the candy, people cannot resist candy."

"Hey," I asked Beaver,"Aren't we supposed to catch this guy."

"I don't care''said Beaver.

"Neither do I." was all I could manage.

"Now,"said Jansen(the name came back when he said 'Now'),"If you ever meddle into my business again..." 

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