Are you sure that wasn't a dream?

It's an adventure story, bucko!


11. Gone?

Everyone looked at each other blankly. All Beaver could say was, "Uh, I'm sorry?" "Ha ha ha," said another voice. "Forgot to kill the clones!"  "Oh," said Beaver. "Hey wait," he said. "Look a helicopter!" "Where?" asked both clones. "Oh my mistake," said Beaver, "They're back there." In looking back both clones fell back into the water. They struggled for a bit before drowning.

"I suppose we killed them all," said Beaver. Later when I watched the news in the hospital they announced that anyone with information about the bodies of Jansen, Grandmeister Sandwichface, and Captain Wilson should call the number of their screens. I called. "You are not going to find the bodies," I said.

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