Are you sure that wasn't a dream?

It's an adventure story, bucko!


1. The flight

I was in a helicopter above who-knows-where,with Beaver my assistant.I was also worried and on a self imposed spy mission (not watching squirrels in my front yard).Most of the world hated me. I think the only person who didn't hate me was Beaver.The mission was against some guy called Tyrone Jansen, who had given 3/4 of the world "Yucky Candy". This candy was a hypnotization device and it came in flavors like," Barf bucket banana", "Everyone hates grape", and, "Toe nail clippings". Of course he had an assistant named Grandmaster Sandwichface (every good bad guy has one), who everyone hated. Going back to current times, it was lucky I was not piloting the helicopter. But it was unlucky that it was piloted by someone I'd found on the internet  called Captain Wilson. Captain Wilson had the plane doing loop-the-loops, and Beaver throwing up like a maniac.  

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