Wrath of the Darkness

It is about a boy named Demrak on an adventure to save the world. Follow him on his adventures to meet new people and find out what is behind his rival's helmet or who is behind his rival's helmet.


5. The Ball of Light

        I got on a taxi and that taxi drove me to The Cavern it only took a few minutes to get there. When I first  looked at it I was thinking that, that was a cave all right.

"The chest must be in there lets go!" Jack roared

        I walked in the cavern and saw zombies and gigantic spiders I was afraid at first but they didn't attack me. We walked for a long time until I bumped into the chest, I opened the chest and found a note also a ball of light. The ball was light so I read the note: *Don't trust the blacksmith not even any He is waiting for your return he is sleeping. When you go inside the blacksmith finish the sword quickly before he wakes up be silent like a spy go on* Now I know that the blacksmith is not to be trusted, I took the ball and ran quickly.They all attacked to many I heard a voice that said something about me foiling their plans I didn't know who or what but I just ran even faster. Instead this it was different everything was orange, the dark was purple, the light was dark green, books were pink, and many more weird things. I was confused about everything so I made a run for it closing my eyes until my eyelids got red. I opened my eyes, I was outside with no monsters but instead I saw cloud arrows pointing somewhere I also saw words it said remember the notes and follow the arrows. The arrows led me to the blacksmith I slowly tip-toed inside though it was still "colorful" and all but I continued to finish my quest, I put the ball of light on a circle in the sword and everything went back to normal as soon as I let go of the ball. It was all weird when that thing happened the heat wave was like a storm of lava but I didn't feel it or it was that I was thinking it I had no idea what just happened so I just ignored that incidence. I tried to complete the sword because I what the note said but I am pretty sure that I can complete the sword with the practice I got 5 years ago. So I put the sword in a mold, closed the mold, poured lava in a little hole, closed the hole, and put it in the crafting place. 30 minutes had pasted I looked at the couch and the Blacksmith isn't there probably at the store I would always say when mom isn't home. I took a good look at the completed sword it had my name on it so must be mine, I don't know how and why the sword cooled of so quickly but anyway I found a part of the missing speed scroll I read it:

When you are done with that the guide

will lead you to the fragile castle you need

to go fast you step on a block and it will

fall go on, be fast, and don't look back

"Jack, get up this instant and guide me to the Fragile Castle!" I roared

"What?" Jack said as soon as he woke up

"Guide me to the Fragile Castle!" I repeated

"Go on a plane and fly to Egypt," Jack mumbled

        Sooner I was on a plane headed to Egypt. As we were flying I saw the blacksmith and yelled out lashing "Kendine iyi bak" which means bye or take care. The blacksmith was angry I could tell or guess why. Nothing really happened on the plane except for a person or two barfing everywhere maybe because of air sickness.

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