Wrath of the Darkness

It is about a boy named Demrak on an adventure to save the world. Follow him on his adventures to meet new people and find out what is behind his rival's helmet or who is behind his rival's helmet.


4. Over the Heat

"It's so hot!" I said as I breathed heavily

"Of course it is the summer time," Jack snorted

"Well I do know two words hi and bye!" I snapped

"Carry on then your next riddle is . . . . . leader, as in state, of Turkey. There will be something for someone," Jack growled

"And that someone's name is Demrak," Jack thought loudly

"Hey, that guy named Demrak is me!" I replied. Jack ignored me and waited for me to solve the riddle I guess

"Am I supposed to go to the capital of Turkey?" I questioned

"Yes indeed and we are there conveniently," Jack replied

"So. . . . . lets go," I said thinking that he would know where to go.

        As we walked outside of a building I felt so hot I almost fainted and then a heat wave came and it was so hot that I could see the heat wave swirling through the air like a swarm of angry bees.

"It has never been this hot before in Turkey" Jack said then looking at me all of a sudden

"Don't look at me like that, I have never been to Turkey before!" I replied like his look was a question.

        We walked for an hour or so and I felt like we were walking circles (which we definitely aren't doing, I hope).

"We are here," Jack said with a low pitched voice while walking inside a building with a stranger

"Merhaba," I said quickly thinking I said it wrong

"I know English but hello," the man replied

"My name is Demrak, what is yours?" I questioned

"That would be Dave oh and this belongs to you I believe," Dave said while handing me a sword and a scroll.

        I opened the scroll and put the sword in my little backpack, I read it:


Be fast and quick therefore it can already be late this quest relies on STEALTH,

this sword has the power to make you faster the sword isn't fully crafted though

go to a blacksmith and finish the sword hurry now TIME is being wasted

"Excuse me Dave can I a map of this city I am in?" I asked

        Dave handed me a map of the city and right away i see a sign that is supposed to be a blacksmith or so I think but it was an anvil picture and anvils usually are blacksmith related. I followed the path to the blacksmith and sooner I got there. I was surprised by the building when I got there, it was literally shaped like an anvil so I supposed that was the blacksmith's job or house I suppose. I went inside the anvil but didn't ring the bell because there was none. I saw a man sitting on a couch looking at his swords then as soon as I walked inside he looked at me then slightly fixed his look on my sword. He stood up and walked towards me.

"You went to the right place if you wanted to fix that sword of yours," the blacksmith said

"All you need is a ball of light and I believe you can get your ball of light in The Cavern," the blacksmith said with a grin

" OK I'm good with that!" I barked as I looked at him suspiciously. 

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