Wrath of the Darkness

It is about a boy named Demrak on an adventure to save the world. Follow him on his adventures to meet new people and find out what is behind his rival's helmet or who is behind his rival's helmet.


3. Jack

        I walked slowly for hours until I saw this cave I walked inside of it, I saw levitating blocks and lava. How could there be lava in antartica I thought. I walked on the first block, I looked at the next block it was on top me. I jumped but couldn't reach it, I found an ice cub, I jumped on it and went on the second block.

Meanwhile At Dermesh

        All I need is to tame 20 monsters, OK I see a sword over there and the master over there I will have to kill the master to tame them. I walked slowly towards the sword and took it I read: The evil sword for a person named Dermesh. What an easy task, I saw a really bright sword and on top of it it had the name Demrak. I jumped down to the arena and realized that there was a plug to deactivate the master, I ran to the plug and cut it then the master was paralyzed. Then I saw huge spiders and zombies crawl and moan to me, they were slow though, I first ran to Demrak's sword and read it *lighstonium sword for the chosen* I ran inside to break it but there was a barrier I looked behind and a spider attacked me but I had only killed it to ashes, the ashes came back to life and this time obeyed to me soon I was in control I headed to the hallway a really long hallway.

Meanwhile At Demrak

        Now I was really scared all I have is my ruby and my backpack. I was on the last block, 30 feet high, I would have to jump and hold on to the edge or turn back and go home, no I made it to far I made a leap of faith and put my hands up, I closed my eyes."Bye earth" I whispered to myself with no hope. My hand started to hurt I opened my eyes and saw that I was holding on, then someone came over it was Dermesh.

"Say goodbye!" growled Dermesh then stepped on my fingers and I let go

"I already did," I stated.I thought I was going to die but I survived I saw a light that moved

It said, "You are in Turkey and my name is Jack"


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