Wrath of the Darkness

It is about a boy named Demrak on an adventure to save the world. Follow him on his adventures to meet new people and find out what is behind his rival's helmet or who is behind his rival's helmet.


10. Home Sweet Home

        I was home by then at the door.

"Mom I got friends!" I shouted

"Ah that's nice," Mom said

        I went to my igloo room I always had a mini bed and a puppy bed for some reason next to my bed but I guess they were there for a reason. I let Jack rest in my mini bed and I gave the little dragon my puppy bed. I decided to name my dragon Paarthurnax. I was also very tired so I went to sleep but I didn't know if this was a dream or a nightmare I was confused. I saw a stranger I haven't met. He just stood there.

"Thank you," he said

        That was all he did.

The End 

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