Wrath of the Darkness

It is about a boy named Demrak on an adventure to save the world. Follow him on his adventures to meet new people and find out what is behind his rival's helmet or who is behind his rival's helmet.


7. Al'tiar & Rasheik

        I walked forward into the wall, I took out my sword and gave my backpack to Jack. I was in Antarctica again I saw Dermesh with an evil sword all I could hear is Dermesh chanting something. Then the ground started to shake and a purple dragon started rising from the ground. The dragon roared and the roar was so terrifying the ice itself shook. Dermesh jumped really high the air onto the dragon and controlled the dragon using chains. I tried to summon a beast for lightness a dragon floated from the sky. I commanded it to fight the Al'tiar Dermesh then jumps off his dragon.

"Seems that you know how to summon Rasheik to!" Dermesh barked

        Rasheik eh must be my dragon's name. I looked over at the dragons fighting, slashing, and blowing fire. If this goes on Antarctica will melt. I looked at the size of the two dragons mine was bigger but his was faster. I observed the fight there were little explosions ounce in a while and when there were one Al'tiar would be blown back by it. I thought that might of been his weakness. I wonder.

"Rasheik can you risk your life saving the world?" I asked hopeful for one answer

"Yes I would master Demrak," Rasheik said

"Cover up or try to cover up Al'tiar and blow him up along with yourself," I ordered

"Yes master Demrak," Rasheik said in a serious tone

"Nice meeting you Rasheik," I said in a small voice

"You to master Demrak" Rasheik roared

        I was sad for Rasheik but it's for the best. I looked at Rasheik and he tried to cover up Al'tiar it looked like hugging though then they both disappeared. The explosion was so fast I didn't even saw what happened all I saw was a flash of light.

"This is the final battle!" I stated

"It is for you but not for me!" Dermesh roared

        Dermesh combined all of his elements and so did I but he doesn't light and I don't have darkness, it was basically light vs dark.

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