Wrath of the Darkness

It is about a boy named Demrak on an adventure to save the world. Follow him on his adventures to meet new people and find out what is behind his rival's helmet or who is behind his rival's helmet.


1. The Man with the Gem

        There I was Face-to-Face with a complete stranger he had a helmet and a robe, he had a smile and said, "The end is near Demrak" I woke up it was all a nightmare I thought. I was taking a stroll in Antarctica ,as normal, but there in the distance I see something, I can only figure what it was, a man perhaps a man with a helmet and a robe could it be? Everything went black, completely black.

        I never felt this cold before in life, though it is Antarctica but I'm used to the climate. I felt faint, suddenly I remembered it was still daytime and it was pitch black. I saw that man again this time walking towards me, he had a gem in one hand and a scroll in the other, curiosity got the best of me. I walked up to him, he gave me the slightest of a grin and said, "Long time no see I have a little gift for you" he put out his hand and gave me the gem which was a ruby.

"What about the scroll?" I asked

"oh that's personal stuff" he said as he started to leave

"Wait a sec, What is your name?" I said awfully slow

"It is Dermesh!" yelled Dermesh

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