17 year old jade has had a tough life but she meets a guy who she thinks can pick up the pieces and mend her broken heart. But will she regret going off with a complete stranger who is apparently in the worlds biggest boyband One Direction....


13. The announcement

Louis POV

"Ok i cant keep it in anymore, jade i really like you so do you want to be my girlfriend?" I said and then there was a silence
"Yes yes yes!!!" She said with a huge smile on her face. I hugged her and then we kissed, in the corner of my eye i could see harry clenching his fist and taking deep breaths but its official, shes mine.

Jades POV

I am going out with louis tomlinson. Aaaaaaaah its amazing! I love him and whenever we kiss i feel a spark! But i cant help feeling that harry doesng like us being together.
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