17 year old jade has had a tough life but she meets a guy who she thinks can pick up the pieces and mend her broken heart. But will she regret going off with a complete stranger who is apparently in the worlds biggest boyband One Direction....


18. Is it too late

Zayns POV

Niall just layed there motionless and was taken to hospital and andrew was shot dead because he refused to drop his weapon!!
Jade and liam on the floor crying thier eyes out and harry and louis are in the ambulance!

Jades POV

We drove to the hospital and well saw harry and louis sitting on the chairs in the waiting room with wet faces and red bulging eyes.

The doctor led us to the room and there we saw niall on the bed!! But her wasnt moving! The doctor said " he is in a deep coma and is on the edge of dying but we will do what we can to save him. He has lost alot of blood so we need donations." I asked if i could give some and he said yes!! I was put the same room as niall because i too had lost alot of blood while extracting the red stuff so i had to stay for a few days. I was happy because i could see niall!!
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