17 year old jade has had a tough life but she meets a guy who she thinks can pick up the pieces and mend her broken heart. But will she regret going off with a complete stranger who is apparently in the worlds biggest boyband One Direction....


10. I need to fix it

Louis POV

I remembered what jade told me so i thought i could help it. She came downstairs crying because her mug her mum gave her broke. I saw her and i said " i can fix that" i carefully took all the pieces and joing them together but i did get a few cuts but it was worth it.

***45 minutes later***
All the boys came downstairs but jade was still upstairs i went into my room and sat on my bed. She came in with just a towel around her and we both blushed. " sorry"i said turning around. I heard her unzip her bag and take her clothes out then about 2 minutes later she said " you can turn around now, so how do i look?" She asked
I was speechless. All i said was " great" she was wearing a hot pink bandeu top with denim jeans and black vans with black geek glasses. She took the glasses off and then she got out a make up bag. She pulled out some mascara and then applied it generously.
"Shit! Sorry about that" she said because her hand moved and her mascara went everywhere.
"I can fix that"i said and then wiped it away with a make up wipe on her bed.
We our faces were really close and i couldnt help it but i leand in and kissed her, her lis were warm and i felt a spark and then she kissed back! We heard the door open and we pulled away.

Harrys POV

Louis and jade were upstairs for a long time so i went to see what was going on. I opened the door and saw jade on combing her hair on her bed and louis lying face down on the floor for some weird reason. " breakfast is ready so come downstairs if you want to eat and you need to hurry cos i cant hold niall back for long" i said laughing
I heard them laugh as i walked out the room. I went downstairs and saw a tower of pancake a big plate of filled of sausages and eggs which was probably for niall.

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