17 year old jade has had a tough life but she meets a guy who she thinks can pick up the pieces and mend her broken heart. But will she regret going off with a complete stranger who is apparently in the worlds biggest boyband One Direction....


17. Hes here

Harrys POV

I went to the kitchen when we all came home and i made us all hot chocolate. I sat beside jade and gave her a cuddle after giving everyone a mug. I thought she just imagined it. Then i remeberd i forgot to close the front door so i went to the hall way and there he was!! "RUN!!!!" I shouted!

He went inside but we all formed a wall infront of her so she could be safe.

Zayns POV

I remeberd we had a panic button under the sofa so i got niall to distract him while i go to press it. I pressed it but ..........................

He stabbed niall
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