17 year old jade has had a tough life but she meets a guy who she thinks can pick up the pieces and mend her broken heart. But will she regret going off with a complete stranger who is apparently in the worlds biggest boyband One Direction....


2. Feeling bad

Lexi's POV

I feel really bad telling her now and not three months ago when my dad was offerd the job. I could see how sad she was her beautiful smile turned into a dead straight line across her pale face.
I could see she didnt want to talk so i just said goodbye and then walked off. I got a text from my mum and she said that i need to come home and start packing.

***25 minutes later***

I arrived home and saw my mum puting things into boxes and i ran upstairs before she could see me but as soon as i got to the top of the stairs my dad sees me and walks to my room because he knew why i was upset.
" look pumpkin we all have to say goodbye to something we love at somepoint. Now wipe away those tears and help me with the the things in the basement."
I followed him downstairs still sobbing but wiping the tears whenever my dad looked at me.
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